The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

Raritan Board Business

The Village of Raritan trustees met at the Fire House on October 13th to take care of old and new business. The meeting opened with Pledge of Allegiance led by President Earl Waller and a prayer led by Sammy Blender.

In old business a motion was made by trustee Michael Knapp , seonded by Dwayne Magee to dismiss the court appearance for Garrett Bowen.

Jeremy Walters was present and told the board he had received a summons to appear in court, Friday, October 14th. Attorney James explained it was because he had junk cars in his yard and accumulated garbage in back of a pick-up next to the house.

Carrie McKillip and Chris Enroth from the Extension Office were present at the Concerned Citizens meeting to discuss possible improvements to the park.

They suggested more trees in the park to give it a more natural look. The committee also reported that the speed limit sign on the east side of town was down.

In new business a discussion was held regarding Christmas lights.

A motion was made by Knapp, seconded by Magee to cut the ash tree down in the park. Motion passed and Clerk Jim Blender will contact Bob Boughton about cutting it down.

Trustee Knapp is to check on cleaning the Carol Gibb bench in the park.

Bills presented and approved for payment included: Phil Anders $165.00; Dennis Rankin $196.00; Waste Management $1,037.000; Dallas Rural Water $507.64; PDC $17.25; Ameren IP $1,607.97; Blender Mowing $895.00; Menards $47.92; Cavanaugh Davies $750.00; Carla Magee $12.00.

Present were: President Earl Waller; Trustees, Phil Anders, Rob Williamson, Dwayne Magee, Sammy Blender, Michael Knapp (arriving at 7:16), Yvonne Knapp (arriving at 7:20); Clerk Jim Blender; Guests, Attorney James, Bob McGriff, Donna Peterson, Jeremy Walters.