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The Election is just around the corner-but, THE CUBS WON!!!

by Dessa Rodeffer, Quill Publisher/Owner

Finally, the Clinton-Trump debates will be settled in a couple of weeks as the General Election day November 8th, fast approaches, but most people have tuned out politics, and are tuning into the MLB World Series. It is because the Chicago CUBS WON the National League Pennant for the first time in 71 Years!!!

That was in 1945, the year my big brother David was born and I wasn't even thought of yet.

Neither was Joseph John "Joe" Maddon (born February 8, 1954) an American professional baseball player, coach, and manager who currently manages the Chicago Cubs for that matter. Nor were any of the current baseball players. They have NEVER seen the Cubs win the pennant before.

It was also the year that the biggest Cubs and baseball fans I know of were married, Joyce (Stevenson) Louden to her favorite local baseball player, Robert "Bob" Louden, both living in Stronghurst.

The couple have been to many Cub games in Chicago, and the Cub-Cardinal games in St. Louis over the years, and at one particularly eventful game, Joyce took a foul ball at Wrigley Field, right in the jaw, and was sent on one of the wildest ambulance rides through Chicago's busy streets to Cook County hospital, for surgery.

It never has stopped them from being loyal Cub fans, however. Even Joyce's little Snoopy "stuffed" dog sits on a chair alongside her, with his official ML Cub's uniform and hat, hoping to bring the Cubs some good luck.

But, as the World Series Game #1 played out Tuesday night at Cleveland's "Progressive Field" in Ohio, it was not the Cubs' top-notched lefty pitcher Jonny Lester's best night.

The Cubs left-hander allowed all three runs on six hits, ending with seven strikeouts and three walks and had one costly hit batsman. The Indians went on to score three more in the 8th to hand the Cubs a 6-0 loss in their first World Series Game since 1908!

The year 1908 was two years after Chicago owners hired Frank Chance as the Manager-a Hall of Famer-who managed the team from 1906-1912. During his tenure, the franchise won four National League pennants in 1906, 1907, 1908, and 1910, winning its only two World Series titles in 1907 and 1908. Chance's .664 career winning percentage is the highest of any Cubs manager.

Cubs 'current Manager Joe Maddon, is the 60th Manager in Cub history. In his first year at the Cubs, he ended the season of 324 games with 200 wins and 123 losses and for a .619 average, only his second season, they are National League Champions and are in the World Series.

Maddon's W-L record was the top of any league making the odds for a World Series title in their favor. Maddon's positive attitude has been fun to watch, and can calm the players, the crowd, and even the most nervous Cub fan.

After game #1 last night he said in an MLB interview: "I liked our at-bats overall against Miller. I like the fact we got him up to 50 pitches, also. So there were a lot of positives with that. We struck out a lot, but I'll defend the fact that we had some good at-bats. We had some opportunities, we were just unable to obviously get the big hit and knock the run in." Maddon said that Kubler was outstanding, but he thought they did a good job against Miller.

He went on to say, "I'm a believer. I know we're going to be fine."

Maddon said the Indians' Kluber was outstanding but he added, "Up and down the lineup overall I saw a lot of good things among a lot of our hitters tonight. How about Zobrist's great night? How about Schwarber having not played all year had some really good at-bats. I thought Javy had some good at-bats. Contreras coming off the bench was fine. David Ross worked good at-bats."

Maddon said, "I'm not disappointed by any means except for the fact that we did not win. I thought we came out ready to play.

"Our guys looked really good. They were great in the dugout today. It's the first game. I'm fine, we're fine."

Maddon ended by saying, "Our guys are good. They'll be ready to play tomorrow. I like the idea of the game being moved up just if it's going to take the weather out of it. So that's all good stuff. But, again, I'm pleased with our guys."

The climb to the top is never easy, and has never been easy for the Cubs. "Success comes when preparedness meets opportunity" and the Cubs are ready.

Again, the Cubs and loyal fans never give up. One rough start, will not slow the Cubs or unravel Maddon. This could be the Indians only win, but if not, it's still the best out of 7.

For Joyce and Bob Louden and the millions of other fans out there who were bleeding blue for their beloved "Cubbies"-Tuesday night, they will still be believing in their team and they will be chanting:"Go Cubs Go!"

The World Series continues tonight (Wednesday) in game #2 which was moved up to 6:00 p.m. Central Time due to rain forecast for Cleveland.