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Lively "Capitol Steps"

By Virginia Ross, Special For The Quill

In this case, the "Capitol" was not the local theatre but the Civic Music Program Thursday night that brought a comical view to the political situation of our country.

A really good crowd braved the hassle of finding parking and navigating the entrance to the Auditorium from the southwest opening in the flood barriers.

Civic Music did all they could to help the situation by providing golf cart rides to the doors where body scans and purse searches were done for security purposes.

Capitol Steps actually began at a Christmas party in the office of former Senator Charles Percy and has continued ever since spoofing politicians and political situations.

The group is composed of Morgan Duncan, Jack Rowles, Ann Margaret Schmitt, Mike Thornton, Delores King and Pianist, Dave Kane.

By the way, his contribution was a big part of the show as his accompaniment emphasized what was being said or sung.

The show began by ribbing a dysfunction Congress and then presented famous politicians, Supreme Court judges, etc. and even the Pope who sang his thoughts to "Don't Cry for Me Argentina."

In fact, the tricky lyrics of each presentation accompanied melodies that the audience readily recognized.

Three party candidates, LBG restroom issue, TSA screening, Obama Care, and climate change were just some of the topics treated in a lively fashion. No one was safe, even European leaders.

The end to all the merriment arrived with the group singing about moving to Canada as has been espoused by some citizens depending on the outcome of the Presidential election.

The audience had a great time and the next presentation on October 30th will be the "Havana Cuban All Stars" bringing the musical traditions of that country. Be prepared to swing and sway to the Latin beat. See you there.