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Dynamic Fame-Civic Music

By Virginia Ross, Special For The Quill

The large crowd gathered, but this time included younger people. They had all come to relive their associations with the musical, Fame.

Maybe you were in jazzerize class and danced to the title song. Perhaps, you remember that special date going to the movie, Fame or in the 1980's you were glued to the TV watching the successful TV series. Were you one of the lucky ones who saw the original Broadway show? We all knew we were in store for a show pulsing with energy, great songs and superb dancing.

Actually, the story line is a high school soap opera with love stories, misfits, a stern and a sympathetic teacher, and students wanting to make it big in show biz all centered around the New York City High School of Performing Arts.

That said, the songs emphasized the hopes and dreams of the students from "Hard Work" to "Dancin' on the Sidewalk" culminating in a rousing ending of the title song, "Fame."

The cast was outstanding: Kris Roberts as Carmen, Eric Brandon Mota as Joe Vegas, J'royce Jata as Tyrone Jackson, Marie Eife as Serena Katz, Hunter Brown as Nick Piazza plus all the other excellent voices and dancers. The crowd erupted with applause when Carmen belted out the theme song, "Fame"

The Fame band stationed in the far back of the set included a keyboard, drums/percussion, guitar, bass, and trumpet.

Blare out the tunes, they did being an significant part of the show. The sets were school lockers faced with mirrors and two skeleton-like stairways that were moved around the stage depending on the number being sung.

Did the audience enjoy Broadway coming to Burlington? You bet they did; Civic Music scored a winner with this presentation.

The next offering will be on January 7, 2017 when The Russian National Ballet Theatre will be on stage. Plan to be there.