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The Wisdom Of Barnyard Bruke: Deer season. nice weather, and politics

Greetings ta ever one in western Illinois and all readers of "The Quill."

I'm a hope'n those strong winds last weekend didn't cause too much trouble fer anyone. Now we are in more seasonable fall like weather.

The first deer season is now over after last weekend and I saw some mighty fine deer bagged. It is good ta see so many young'ns involved in hunt'n. Beats the thunder out of punch'n the alphabet on the cell phone, in my opinion.

The nice weather has allowed much fall tillage and fertilizer work ta be completed in a timely fashion. Makes fer more timely spring work and a more "Thankful" Thanksgiving come'n up.

Well, the election results are still be'n questioned by despondent lefties who claim Hillary Clinton won the popular vote. That is no more true than the other propaganda lies that the left puts out.

In reality no one won the popular vote. Donald Trump won 47.2% of the popular vote, Hillary Clinton won 47.9%, Lisa Stein and Gary Johnson split 4.9%. No body got 50% or more to claim the majority.

The Electoral College put Trump as president elect, and serves as an important strong hold against stolen elections. A straight popular vote would, in short order, make our nation hostage to felons that vote in Virginia, New Black Panthers that stand with bats in Philadelphia, the dead that vote in Chicago, votes that out number voters in Washington, and non-citizens that vote in Los Angeles.

Direct voting would allow a candidate ta win an election while lose'n a majority of the states. Our found'n fathers instituted this constitutional establishment of the Electoral College that has preserved the stability of our national government over these many years. We are the United States of America, not the United People of America.

In the final presidential debate president elect Trump quite eloquently referred "the constitution as it was meant to be." That is the Electoral College fer one thing, as well as many others. He promised to appoint Supreme Court Justices that will not elevate precedent over original meaning of the constitution and who have the courage of their convictions with the intestinal fortitude ta not bend with the political winds ta protect the "legitimacy" of the court.

Ronald Reagan said "If not us who? If not now, when?" It seems timely to protect and preserve what our found'n fathers, with their infinite wisdom, gave us fer our own protection for a more truly equalitarian election result.

President Obama won the presidency in 2012 with fewer than 700 counties out of more than 3,000 in America, a historic low. Hillary Clinton carried a little under 500 or about 15% of the total.

Mrs. Clinton received less than 30% of the vote from white, non-college educated Americans who live in area between the cities, which is a strong indication her and her party have become estranged from white, work'n class Americans.

How else can you explain Trump's captur'n the White House with a stunn'n and convince'n victory over Mrs. Clinton. Trump and the Republicans enjoyed an across-board rout.

Trump's obstacles were: a blatantly slanted and hostile media (a local media outlet continues ta refer ta him as a carnival barker); belittling by a sitting President; countless so-called experts and public opinion polls that labeled him a loser; detractors and defectors from within his own party; mountain of criticism about his inexperience, policies, gaffes, character, and past behavior.

Now there are an army of shocked political pollsters, reporters, consultants, and pundits who were blind sided by the depth of Trump's support with over 59 million Americans voting fer him.

That outcome and the strength of his appeal by work'n class American, religious folk, and NRA members, stunned Hillarie's pundits!

Hillary supported Obamas policies include'n the thought "the only thing mid westerners have ta offer are their Bibles and guns." Obama had no idea in make'n those remarks, how large an area the Bible and gun collectors covered until Hillary tried to recapture the White House on that type think'n!

The supposedly experts ignored the very large and enthusiastic crowds that cheered Trump. All the while Hillary looked fer scapegoats like Russian computer hackers, Wikileaks, FBI Director James Comey, white supremacists and many others. She completely shrugged her own corrupt, secretive, and arrogant behavior as have'n any negative affect on her campaign. It seemed the straw that broke the camel's back with middle-class hard work'n folk was when Mrs. Clinton blasted them as "deplorables", and "irredeemable". Her smears directed at Trump along with those harsh remarks on his supporters sealed the deal fer Trump as the latest in a global wave of populist toppling the established political order with his appeals ta disaffected work'n-class voters.

It can be supposed President Obama himself, inadvertently gave advice to defeat his own legacy and Hillary Clinton as well.

He said, "You don't like a particular policy or a particular president? Then argue for your position. Go out there and win an election." And the Republicans just did exactly that on November 8 in the run fer the Presidency, Senate, and the House!

The Left acts like government is their property. When they lose they react as if'n someone has stolen their merchandise. They rely on liberal big media ta protect their behinds. It didn't work this time and chances are it's not gonna work in the future because the public's trust in news organization is at an all time low. The angry white work'n class voters they have alienated will only serve to cement the situation as the liberal press labels him as "Carnival Barker" and won't allow Trump to have the traditional honeymoon period to see how his ideas work.

Have a Good Thanksgive'n holiday with your family and friends. Hope'n ta see ya in church this week.

Remember; Wherever ya are, whatever ya be a do'n "BE A GOOD ONE!'

Keep on Smile'n

Catch ya later

Barnyard Bruke