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Stronghurst Bethel Lutheran Women Quilting For A Better World

by Deb Olson, The Quill

The Laugh-A-Lot sewing circle at the Bethel Lutheran Church in Stronghurst has been busy again this year.

Quilt-making is a yearly ongoing project for these ladies, and 2016 is no exception.

Every third Thursday of each month, the group meets at 1:00 p.m., starts the coffee brewing, and then brings out the sewing machines and fabric.

The ladies diligently begin cutting and sewing, making beautiful quilts that will be sent to Lutheran World Relief, and Mexico Missions.

This year the group has completed 18 quilts, 9 fleece quilts and 24 health kits.

As the farmers harvest the crops, the ladies bring forth their labors to the Lord.

They enjoy the fellowship of all who work together, the laughter, the shared stories, the concerns of church members and community friends as well as the joy of crafting together while using their hands, hearts and love for their fellow men.

This year Laura Muller, Carol Myers, Marie Livermore, Grace McCrery, Barbara Malcolm, Pauline Oge, and Jeanette LaFayette were in the group. These women are "small but mighty" as they say.

The Lutheran World Relief sends these supplies to the less fortunate in Haiti and Nicaragua in the South America region and to Tanzania, Angola, and Kenya nations of Africa.

The ultimate purpose of a quilt is to provide warmth. Even in warmer climates the temperature can drop considerably at night.

The recipient often uses a quilt for warmth, or to make a tent, a floor covering, a room divider or to wrap and hold a baby on its mother's back.

The Health Kits are made up of (1) bath towel, (2) bars of soap, a toothbrush, a wide tooth comb and a nail clip. When natural disasters strike, such as floods, typhoons, earthquakes and tornadoes, people often have little chance to gather their belongings before evacuating.

Arriving in refugee camps, scared and dirty, the simple items included in a health kit gives relief as well as a message of friendship from friends who care.

The Bethel Lutheran Church Women and the congregation supported the Laugh-A -Lot sewing circle with monetary donations and by providing assistance for the Health Kits.

The circle also applied for support from Thrivent Financial and were granted an amount to use for their projects of the Quilts, Mexico Missions and Haiti relief.

As stewards, the ladies have the opportunity to make a difference by serving our Lord and Savior. He has asked them to faithfully use their gifts, passions, and talents to the best of their ability.

On Sunday, October 23rd at the 10:30 worship service, Pastor Terry Muller dedicated the quilts and health kits to the "Glory of God" that they may reach people in need.

"Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled." Matthew 5:6.

This year Jerry Malcolm made leg extensions for two of their sewing tables.

This raises the height considerably on the church tables used in the layout and tying of the quilts, but most significantly, provides relief to the quilters tired and weary backs. All makes for a happy Thanksgiving.