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UTVs To Be Legal On Stronghurst Village Streets

By: Shirley Linder, Quill Editor

During the regular meeting of the Village of Stronghurst board on Monday, November 7th, Mike Bohnenkamp made a motion, seconded by Brendan Schaley to have the attorney draw up an ordinance allowing UTVs to be legal on village streets.

The UTVs will be need to be inspected and include the proper equipment, just as the golf carts are. Dillan Vancil, a guest, inquired about including ATVs also, but the board chose not to do that. The motion made was passed unanimously.

Chris Cooper from MSA Professional Services discussed the sewer line being placed from the intersection of Elizabeth and North Street going west.

He feels the depth it is now is inadequate and needs a few more feet of cover to prevent problems in the further.

There is a cedar tree which has been trimmed in the middle to accommodate electrical wires and the sewer line is under that tree. Ronnie Gittings was certain the tree was on village property and was instructed to have it cut down, after measuring and being sure it was on the village property.

Dave Schwab of Waste Management was present to express his appreciation to the village for choosing Waste Management and to go over the services they provide the village.

He stated the contract was good until February 28, 2017, and would remain at the current rate cost for 6 months after that before the 2.5% increase is in effect.

This was done in appreciation of the long association the village has had with Waste Management.

Some of the services provided the village are: pick up of solid waste once a week (limit 6 bags or cans-33 gallon or less and 50 pounds or less); every other week recycling (96 gallon containers provided by Waste Management); two city wide clean up days per year; a two yard commercial container at the shop (picked up weekly); a 4 yard commercial container at the sewer plant (picked up on call).

They also offer Sharp containers to anyone who needs them and veterinary needles can also be placed in them.

Alicia Pence asked for a donation, for the Christmas walk, on behalf of the Stronghurst Booster Club.

The board voted to give them $750. She said the Booster Club meets every first Monday of the month and are now beginning their annual membership drive

Ronnie Gittings reported the insurance company requested they be certified for spraying insecticides around town.

He said there was a class in Moline in mid-March which cost $50, $15 for a course book and $5 for a study guide. It is a two day event and he would like to have himself, Bryan Bohnenkamp and Jeff Nichols attend. The board approved they go.

Gittings also requested permission to trade in some of their 2010 tools and get new which would be all battery powered.

The tools, drills, circular saws, etc would come in at around $1262. Amanda Kane made the motion to approve the purchase and Betty Waterman seconded it. Motion passed with Mike Bohnenkamp abstaining.

Gittings had JJ Tree look at the trees the board would like to have the dead stuff cut out of and he recommended they wait until spring now because of the leaves being off and no way of telling what is dead.

Gittings reminded everyone that they could sign up free to be called when an emergency, boil order, etc occurred in Stronghurst. He highly encouraged the community to sign up for this service. All it requires is a call to City Hall and give the telephone number that you would like to be notified on. There is no charges.

The Illinois Rural Water Association advised Gittings by letter that the Village of Stronghurst's Water System has been nominated for consideration of the Illinois Rural water Association's award for Water System of the Year.

The letter in part read: "This prestigious award will be presented to the individual designated by the Village of Stronghurst to accept the award. While it is not an "individual award", it does reflect positively on the responsible operator and his or her staff who has operated and maintained the system at peak efficiency. The system receiving this award will be the one which proves to meet our highest expectations of what it means to truly be the "best of the best" during our site visits and inspections of all of the nominees."

The final decisions and awards will be announce and presented at the Annual Technical Conference in Effingham on Tuesday, February 21, 2017.

Police report for October included: 140.5 hours worked; 922 squad car miles; 2 traffic stops; 4 uniform traffic tickets; 13 service calls; 1 arrest; and 28 business courtesy checks.

In other business the board:

The board entered executive session as 8:30 p.m. on a motion by Mike Bohnenkamp, seconded by Betty Waterman, in regard to hiring a new clerk.

Amanda Kane motioned and Bohnenkamp, seconded to return to regular session at 8:40 p.m.

It was decided to have interviews with the applicants on November 16th starting at 6:00 p.m. at village hall.

Board adjourned at 8:43 p.m. until the next regular meeting on Monday, December 5th at 7 p.m.

Present were: Mayor Gary Root; Trustees, Mike Bohnenkamp, Amanda Kane, Brendan Schaley, Betty Waterman (Absent-David Vancil and Tom Crotts);

Employees, Lou Ann Nortrup, Ronnie Gittings, Arbry Vancil, Bryan Bohnenkamp;

Guests, Roger Countryman, Virginia Ross, Alicia Pence, Dillan Vancil, Dave Schwab, Chris Cooper, Randy Jarvis, Jerry Nortrup, Shirley Linder