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Oquawka Board Focuses on Seasonal Issues

by: Deb Olson, Quill Reporter

With all board members present except Scott Ray, the Oquawka village board met briefly on Tuesday, May 3, at 6:30 p.m.

Mayor Sandra Fullerton-Moody reminded all present that all door-to-door vendors need permits.

She also discussed damage to the elevator road in the amount of $10,000

The board discussed money for the flower pots but, in the end, it was suggested that as in the past donations be secured to make the purchase.

Attorney Andy Youngquist reported that he and Police Chief Keith DeJaynes have been working on the junk and debris issue and have been dealing with approximately a dozen cases.

He asked permission of the board to hire, if necessary, attorney Peter Wenke,r an associate in the Brooks Law Firm in the Quad Cities in the suit against Lavadiere.

Wenker specializes in this type of construction corporate litigation. The board agreed that Youngquist could, if needed, hire Wenker to help with the litigation.

Other issues discussed by the board include:

Streets and Water report:10 shut-offs, 46 pink slips, 10 locates. All mowers serviced. He requested a raise for one of his workers of $1. 00 per hour. The Mayor said that would require a closed session.

Zoning Report - 5 permits issued for the month also Fisherman's small hotel wants to add a deck which after some discussion the board approved.

Police Report for April 2016: Criminal: 1 Domestic Battery, 1 Theft Under $300.00 and 1 Breaking and Entering Residence. Assist: Ambulance-4, County-2. Civil Disturbances: 2

Tavern Calls: 2. Ordinance Violation 44. Golf Cart Inspection: 7. Traffic Citations: Speeding-9, stop sign-2, illegal screeching of tires-1. Suspended Driver License-1 Driving Golf Cart on Schuyler St-1. Warning Citation-2. Other calls-44. Warrants 2. Fines paid $400.00. Golf Cart/ATV/Four Wheelers $270.00. Total $670. Fuel 112.6. Mileage 1,318

An Antique Tractor Pull will be held on July 23rd.

Finally, there was a question regarding selling of used equipment by the Fire Department. Attorney Youngquist will discuss this with the Fire Chief.

At 7:20 p.m. the board went into closed session to discuss hiring of the pool manager and employee raises.

In addition to the board and city staff, 8 people attended the meeting.