The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

Dear Editor

I have lived in this community for many years. I have seen everyone come together to do some wonderful things. We rally around sick, and rejoice in the well. This community will help where help is needed. When you walk down the street there is always a smiling face to be seen.

But lately, we seem to have gotten away from what makes our town great. We have become a community divided, and I for one am very disappointed in that.

At the recent council meeting I addressed the council with some things that I thought needed changing.

I am angry that half of the council members seem to band together, and segregate themselves from the rest. Meanwhile, the other half of the council has no idea what is going on.

As most of you might have heard, we have our water superintendent back! But, when he had first resigned the mayor did not feel it was necessary to notify all of the council members. He found time to notify some, so that they could have secret meetings with potential replacements, but not all.

I also voiced my opinion that I thought the mayor should resign. This is my opinion, but I feel that others feel this same way.

I did not say anything at the meeting to the council that others do not feel. At this same meeting the council called an executive session, and we all waited outside for that to end. While we were outside two members of the community accosted me.

In all the years that I have lived in this town I have never been attacked like I was at the council meeting.

I would expect this out of high school kids, but grown adults should know better.

This community needs to go back to helping each other, not harassing each other.

So, that is why I am urging the council to start righting some wrongs. They need to have better communication. They need to start answering questions when asked by citizens.

I would like Kenny Foster Jr. to understand what he said on Monday was a definite step in the right direction.

The fact that he spoke up, and also started listening to the people in his ward was noticed and appreciated. And for that I will say that Kenny Foster Jr. has my gratitude. I think that a couple of other council people need to do what he has done.

I think this community could be great again. Please urge your council people to start communication between themselves, and also with their constituents. These people have their jobs because of our votes, and I think we need to keep reminding them of that.

Lacie Thompson

La Harpe