The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

Take "The Quill" Along

"The Quill" traveled to Big River Resources, LLC 13th annual meeting in Burlington, IA, where three of their board members Steve Mallams, Dave Reinhart, and Brad Freesmeier were visiting with the honorable Iowa Governor Terry Branstad (with "The Quill") and Big River Resources' CEO and Chairman of the Board Ray Defenbaugh of Biggsville. The men were discussing "The Quill's" story about the set of triplet black Angus heifers born on the farm of Ron Johnson, south of La Harpe. Governor Branstad, born Nov. 17, 1946 in Leland, IA, was raised on a sheep farm where they had lots of twins in their herds and lots of chores, he said.

When Branstad was elected as Iowa's 39th governor at age 36, he was the youngest chief executive in Iowa's history and when he left office (1983-1999), he was Iowa's longest-serving governor. After serving 16 years, Branstad was later re-elected again in 2010 as Iowa's 42nd Governor, taking office on January 14, 2011.

Now in his 22nd year, Branstad is the longest-serving governor in United States history, surpassing the previous record of 21 years set by George Clinton who was considered one of America's founding fathers. Clinton was the 4th Vice President of the United States, and the first Governor of New York. At age 69, Branstad was honored for this record at a huge celebration at the Iowa State Fairgrounds, in Des Moines, IA.

When you go on a trip, take "The Quill" along and have your picture taken with it, and send it to us. Let's see where all "The Quill" can travel.