The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

The Wisdom Of Barnyard Bruke: "Debat'n On Debates"

Greetings to ever one in western Illinois and all readers of The Quill.

I expect by the times ya read this column, most of you'ns have all the figurin' and decision make' n done fer who to vote fer our next President in the Illinois Primary election.

Me and the boys an our wives were sure hope'n you've been keep'n notes on whose gonna best protect our farms and our way of life, and our constitution, and the one who ain't gonna destroy everthin we've been a work'n fer, and who won't send us deeper in debt.

Cornelius Farkwad, me neighbor to the east, was a tell'n the boys as we gathered in the shed of Glen Finkenbinder, just across the line, "ya gotta find the one that will look ya right square in the eye and tell ya the truth, and if'n he blinks or looks down, or side to side while'st he's talk'n, or stutters, ya got'em caught right in a lie!"

"Yer right there, by golly!" said Elmer Fudpucker, who lives off to my east just over by Oscar's Holler. "Me and the wife Luella noticed that the narrower and beadier the eyes, the closer ya gotta watch'em!"

Now the boys figured out a good listener is a quality to look fer and they all were take'n notes on who did it best.

The Iowa Governor's "unendorsement" of Texas Senator Ted Cruz fer his fight'n against the ethanol blendin' ruling set by President George W. Bush administration to get us away from dependence on foreign oil and clean up the air had them boys in agreement and ready ta kick the Senator back ta Canada where he was born.

Fess McGee said, "Cruz fer sure had lots of trouble a listen'n when he came ta these parts and it seems he's havin' trouble a representn' ever'one, and all the other states, except fer Texas and its oil."

Jasper Jenks added, "My wife sez that ya cant get noth'n done when all ya are a do'n is a fightn' with ever-one and ya ain't listen'en ta no one, or see'n the big picture, and I'm a agree'n with Hylda!"

Well, Buster Jigs told the boys, "It'll all be over but the shout'n soon enough, and they best vote and support the ones who are work'n fer the farmer and freedom, and ain't kick'n our behinds fer work'n so hard ta keep our men and women home instead of overseas guard'n oil fields in the Middle East.

Cornelius said, he and Mrs. Farkwad had already voted early at the courthouse. "We determined in our minds the one who's not gonna bankrupt this great nation by hand'n out lots of "free stuff " without contributin' and who will be sure ta protect the rights of those who have worked so hard ta make a live'n."

Orville Figpluker had stopped in who lives the other side of Skunk Holler and said he agreed.

Patty Murphy of the next county, just over the line said, "It's disgust'n so many folk don't see that ya just cant keep work'n against us farmers who are a try'n ta feed the world, bring clean air to the environment with corn ethanol, bring up hard work'n young folk, and pass on ta them good work ethics along with all the freedoms we and our ancestors have enjoyed and fought to preserve in America over the past 240 years!"

Sandy Bob added, "Well, lots of folk have been complain'n about too much fight'n and talk'n on TV during this election process, but, like it or not, this debate'n and vote'n process is the only way we have in make'n sure our nation is constantly kept under the principals of our forefathers. It's a way you might bring out a candidate's true character," if'n ya listen. It's also a way ya can make amends for the mistakes ya made in the last election."

Well, I sez, "I'll have to think on that a spell and we'll all know more in the morn'n."

Me and the boys got ta talk'n about one of the good fellers who's worked quite a spell to make the area better in these parts. We want to commend his leadership in the Henderson County area as he just retired from the board at Raritan State Bank, due to his 70th birthday - Art Kane. I guess there is a stipulation that after ya turn 70, ya have ta retire.

Imagine, force'n someone ta retire at 70 when too many other younger folks is hard to get out of the house to find a job or even offer ta help.

When ya think of Rartan State Bank - most people think of Art Kane and his friendly manner. Congratulations Art for supportin' your community through your many deeds!

I hope ever-ones adjusted ta the loss of an hour from "spring'n" all yer clocks forward an hour. And I'm a hop'n ya made it ta church on time.

Utah Carol said he got there but looked down and seen he was still in his red slippers in al the rush! I'm a guess'n folks might just think it's a new fad. Utah Carol is quite the casual feller.

With the warmer weather, some farmers has already gotten their tractors to their fields with some caught in a bog. Others are just a make'n sure ever'thing is ready for the Spring plant'n, which most will be a start'n in April.

Well, that's all fer this week. Keep enjoy'n life and help make someone else's life better.

Hope'n to see ya in church this week, Palm Sunday, a week before Easter Sunday.

Wherever ya is, whatever ya be a do'n "BE A GOOD ONE!"

Keep on smile'n,

Catch ya later,