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Oquawka Board Plans For Warmer Weather

by Deb Olson-Quill Reporter

The Oquawka Board met on Tuesday, March 1, with all members present as well as staff and 4 others in the audience.

Much of the meeting was dedicated to plans for warmer weather activities.

Parks and Recreation

Nancy Bundy reported on a fireworks display set for July 3rd with a $5,000.00 payment due to J&M on April 25th. Rain date is set for July 10th. The board approved the contract with J&M, Yarmouth, Iowa.

(Editor's note: J&M Displays, Inc. was founded in 1980 by brothers, James and Michael Oetken, as a way to pay for their fireworks hobby. J&M Displays, Inc. has grown to become the largest shipper of fireworks in Iowa. J&M incorporates state-of-the-art innovations in pyrotechnics to assure amazing results. They offer free training. Website:

The board considered the purchase of garbage cans, after discussion of size and style, to be placed at post office and across the street from diner. And discussed the creation of more camper slots near the turn-around. Questions remain about supplying power to the site. Other items discussed included:

The board will proceed to deal with these complaints by approaching building owners in person or by letter.

Street & Water Superintendent's Report was given by Jeff Peterson. It included:

The board members noted that purchases of needed equipment and tools up to $4,000 is approved as part of maintenance without voting.

POLICE REPORT in February 2016 is as follows:

In other police related action, the board unanimously approved the hiring of Donny Sikes as a part time officer at $15.25/hr

Trustee Kuberski stated he wants the street fixed first before starting other projects.

Attorney Youngquist replied that it is a litigation issue and the board needs to follow the appropriate process.

Oquawka Fire Department had no representative present, but Mick Olson briefly reported that conversion to a fire district is going slowly.

Under Old Business there was a discussion of awarding the trash pick-up contract. The board wants bids from three companies/individuals, that is Gaddis, Jackson and Waste Management. Trustee Bob Lafferty stated that the board needs a description of exactly what is wanted so all contractors are on the same page.

The board voted to adjourn the meeting at 7:24 p.m..