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Biggsville Board To Donate To Park Fund

by Marilyn Simmons, Village Clerk

At the regular meeting of the Village of Biggsville board on March 2nd, Tyler reported they are trying to find a way to generate revenue for the parks. They would like to have a small budget from the village to help with expenses, and they would like to pour a concrete pad in front of the restrooms because of the mud.

Brian Stewart made a motion to transfer $100 a month to the parks account pending future review. Diane Gonzalez 2nd the motion. It carried. .

Also, at the meeting, called to order by Mayor Amanda Guyton, the board approved the February minutes, treasurer s report and invoices.

Advanced Plumbing jetted the drain at the east end of town. There is a blockage further down and we will have to have it jetted from the other end of the pipe.

Jimmy Rogers is going to start handing out situations. He has a copy of all the ordinances. There has been some concern about burning in the village. Our ordinance states there is to be no burning of garbage in the village.

Public Relations: Nanci Stewart is going to meet with the legion to see about painting the inside of the community building. We might be able to get a group from the high school to paint it.

Rob Fischer from Nova Cable said they are ready to proceed. They have fiber about a mile away. Jeff made a motion to sign an updated agreement with Nova Cable for TV, Phone and internet. Nanci 2nd it, and the motion carried.

Marilyn Simmons and Amanda Guyton read the meter and got an identification number, and they have been entered in the computer. There are still a few more to read. They will have another training tomorrow with Jerry Black.

They are going to redo the handicap parking space and will get a stencil and the proper paint and have it redone. Signs for the Horse and Buggy Museum will be installed by the DOT.

Andrew Sterett has the kiosk for his Eagle Scout project and it will be installed outside the community building very soon. Andrew is still in need of funds for his project.

If anyone would like to contribute they may contact the Steretts.

There is another Eagle Scout that is in need of a project and it was suggested we allow him to put up flags at each water meter. Everyone agreed that would be acceptable.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:25 p.m.

Trustees present were: Diane Gonzalez, Kevin Mortimer, Brian Sterett, Nanci Sterett, and Jeff West. Absent was Kathie Curtiss. Others present were Mayor Amanda Guyton; Judy Gravgaard, Clerk; Marilyn Simmons, Treasurer; James Rogers, and Robert Fischer from Nova.