The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

Concerned Citizen

I'm concerned because it seems that people who are on social media condemning those of us that are speaking out about the injustices going on in La Harpe have no idea what is really going on.

They are from Terre Haute, Blandinsville, and even La Harpe who haven't been to a single council meeting and probably couldn't tell you one issue that we are upset about.

I wonder how they would feel if they did know the facts. The facts as presented at the council meeting are that the Mayor changed his water bill and wrote in a lesser amount. That is a fact not in dispute.

How far would that get you with any of your utility companies if you did that? If you did it for 6 months in a row I would guess you would get disconnected.

Daniel Carpenter stood up at a council meeting and questioned the practice of allowing the mayor to change his water bill! Daniel was fired before the next council meeting could take place!

Reasons given at the next meeting were all confirmed to have either been done by a council member instead of Daniel, also done by a council member or that they should have never been a basis for his firing.

Mayor and water committee said Mayor was being unfairly charged at his apartment building because he was paying a minimum water bill and a sewer bill for each apartment. Note that all other apartment buildings in town pay a minimum water bill and a sewer bill for each apartment. So how does that make the Mayor's bill unfair?

Mayor was also charging each of his tenants $45 for water and sewer which means he was collecting water and sewer bill money that he wasn't paying the city. Fair or Unfair?

I underlined that because although not reported at council meeting yet I do have written paper evidence of this fact! Tim Graves asked at the last 3 or 4 meetings for help stating I can't do it all by myself all the time. "Tim asked them to either reinstate Daniel or hire someone new but let me be involved in the interviewing."

At the next meeting they would say all you have to do is ask for help! It never came and Tim Graves resigned! Wouldn't you think a Mayor would be concerned enough to ask an employee that had worked for the city over 30 years what can we do to make this right, we don't want to lose you. No he didn't even tell half the council that Tim had resigned.

These are just a few of the facts as documented in recorded and videoed council meetings so they can't be disputed. I'd be interested to see if any of you change your minds about the citizens who are fighting for what is really fair and unfair in our town.

Would you think it was fair if you were the only one in Terre Haute who had to pay for electricity or could you justify it if you were the only one that wasn't paying?

These are only a few facts that are happening in our town but feel free to come to our next council meeting and see for yourself!

You don't have to live in the city limits of La Harpe to attend our council meetings!

Dave Clover