The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

Republicans Rally at Lincoln Day Dinner

by Dessa Rodeffer, Quill Publisher/Owner

A room full of Republicans gathered at the Terre Haute Methodist Church Fellowship Hall Monday evening for some warm conversation, a hot meal catered by "The Annex Catering, Inc.", owners Delbert and Rhonda Kreps of La Harpe, and of course, some political talk from the Republicans serving and several running for office.

It was a safe environment to be in as Henderson County Republican Central Committee chairman Bill Knupp made introductions of at least six honorable judges in attendance:

Judge James R. Standard (Warren Co.),

Judge Rodney G. Clark (Hancock Co.),

Chief Judge David L. Vancil, Jr., (Henderson Co.)

Judge Greg McClintock, (Retired);

and running for two seats Circuit Judge-9th District:

Associate Judge

Raymond A. Cavanaugh (Henderson)

Associate Judge

Heidi A. Benson (McDonough).

Both Judge Cavanaugh and Judge Benson have high ratings, recommended by their fellow attorneys.

They each gave a short talk wth Judge Cavanaugh explaining his background and the various work he has done on a farm and later in his work as a judge. "It's not about your own opinion but it's about knowing and interpreting the laws as they are written and as they were met to be."

Judge Benson who grew up on a farm and has served as a scoutmaster and den mother, explained why it was so important to choose good judges even though you probably will never stand before a judge,

You should be concerned first because"

Illinois State Representative Randy Frese was told Republicans that to govern, it takes teamwork and that Governor Rauner now 9 months without a budget is standing firm to do what he promised he would do, get the state's finances under control. The current budget proposed is $4.1 billion in expenses over budget. Frese has a list of things he said he would work on and he has asked to be on the committees to work on those issues, such as workmen compensation, Torte reform, Redistricting, and Term Limits. He said there are 47 republicans and 71 democrats and the Governor vetos the spending bills and democrats do not have enough to override his veto. It is hoped that the election will bring more Republican help to get the state back in order.

Jil Tracy, former State Representative who took time off to run for Lieutenant Governor last election has been asked to run for the seat that will be vacated by Senator John Sullivan.

She said she and her family talked it over and felt it was important to serve for the good of their children and that she also had learned skills that will help, so she agreed to run.

When she served last, the Democrats had flipped their counties when they redrew the map for the districts in order to get Bobby Schilling out of Congress. That resulted in Norine Hammond and Tracy flipping districts.

That forced Tracy's family to move from the life-long home of 35 years, but the good news today is the State Senate's 17th District covers both of those districts, 11 counties, the largest district in the state, in which she has served in all eleven of them due to the redistricting.

It is unique that she served in both the 93rd and 94th Representative Districts but she is now using it to her advantage.

Tracy attended SIU law school and met her husband there. She served as Assistant to the Attorney General.

She said, "Now I have a Republican Administration that can help us do things that can turn our state around. I am optimistic about turning things around in the Land of Lincoln, "We are the party of Lincoln. We are the party of Reagan and with the support we have now, I am anxious to help."

I just want to conclude with, "May God continue to bless us as a nation, and that we ask him to guide us every day," she concluded.

Feature speaker Patrick Harlan, is a 36 year old truck driver for Casey's who lives in Galesburg.

Harlan is running for US Congress of the 17th District and said he has never ran for a political party in his life. I was looking for a good strong candidate to run against Cheri Bustos and come September, he found out from the Republican party it wasn't going to happen. So, Harlan went down to the courthouse and filed, got the 1,000 signatures he needed himself and now he is learning the large Congressional district.

Harlan is a strong patriot and constitutionalist and Christian man.

"I will vote against any legislation that supports abortions with taxpayers money."

First Amendment Rights: "I will oppose any legislation that shall impose on the rights of individuals to believe and practice their religion."

Second Amendment Rights: "I firmly support the right to bear arms as it is stated in the Bill of Rights."

Harland is President of the Knox County Il Tea Party, a Member of the Knox County Il Right to Life,

A youth leader for the annual March for Life in D.C., and Advocate for voiceless, from the womb to the tomb.

He says he was kicked out of his house at age 15 and lived in the projects until he got a job and he didn't go to college but has worked every since.

"I would never ask for a hand-out" he said, and he has built his second home. He feels America is a land of opportunity and you can be anything you want to be if you work hard and the government stays out of your way.

He doesn't take big company donations but his support comes from a little hear and a little there.

His family consists of blacks, whites and immigrants so he knows all about the problems that are around. He said even his friends he made in the projects who never have voted before are going to register and vote for him. It's obvious Harlan is a hard worker, a fast learner with a heart for America-a common sense kind of guy.

Speaking at the Annual Henderson County Republicans' Lincoln Day Dinner Monday (L-R) State Representative Randy Frese (R) 94th District; U.S. Congressional Candidate for the 17th District Patrick Harlan of Galesburg; Candidate for State Senate Jil Tracy (R) 47th District standing with Henderson County Republican Women's Chairperson-Mrs. Larry Moreland, and Bill Knupp-Henderson County Republican Central Committeeman Chairman. -photo by Dessa Rodeffer-The Quill