The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

So It's Your Birthday, America

By Elaine Slater Reese-Spring Green, Wi. (formerly Bowen, Hancock County, IL)

A year ago I decided that this 4th of July I would have a big birthday party for you, America. I came up with lots of ideas for new red, white, and blue decorations. I wrote the guest list.

The menu is planned with many of the typical picnic foods. And I was determined that at some point we would all share our thoughts on how you have blessed us over and over, Dear Friend.

But as the months passed, you have become so much more complicated. Many of your people have lost their joy. New ugly four letters words have become daily parts of our lives - rage, hate, guns. Sometimes I think we have all gone crazy.

We can't express or stand up for our own views without seemingly destroying those of someone else. We are vulgar, boisterous, selfish, and have little respect for others!

I think of all those who through the many years have given so much- including their lives - for the freedoms you represent, America.

What have we done? What in the world are we thinking - or are we just reacting?

The national debt in America has become a horrific figure. But, each of us is in great debt to you, America!

We need to start paying off that debt by refocusing.

We need to focus on others, smile at them, reach out to help them, pray for them. We need to stop being so critical of everyone and everything.

Anyone who reads history and historical documents knows that our forefathers understood the need for faith in God in their lives. What do you think, America?

If we who believe once again put God first and followed his directive "Do unto others as you would have them do to you", would you again be the America we can respect and love?