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The Wisdom Of Barnyard Bruke: "Wind & Rain, July 4th & Brexit, Quotes, Political Stunts, The Snake"

Greetings ta ever one in western Illinois and all readers of "The Quill."

Wind and Rain

Well, we finally got some rain around these parts. Unfortunately, a lot of wind came with it.

There were reports of two ta four inches rain that refreshed some areas but then those of us ta the south of the rain only received a slight few tenths of an inch.

But, we were spared the wind.

Those that got the better rainfall woke up in the next morn'n ta find their corn fields flattened as if run over by a steam roller.

Fortunately, there wasn't much "Green Snap" and surprisingly it pretty much came out of it in a day or two.

Most fields have signs of "goose necked" stalks as the plants righted themselves.

Some fields had hail, further ta the north and east.

Thank goodness most were spared that fer the large part in our area.

July 4th and Brexit

Next Monday is July 4th, a day of celebration of our independence from King George and English rule. Isn't that ironic that Britain on June 23rd of this year, voted ta leave the European Union (Brexit). Some British feel June 23rd will go down in history now as their independence day.

As I remember history, the British were try'n among other things, ta disarm the minutemen. Hence the shot heard round the world.

There were many American colonists that didn't want ta give up British rule.

After the war and independence was won, many of those folk were both driven to Canada or volunteered ta exit our new nation.

Now fast forward and we have a self described Islamic soldier killing 49 victims in Orlando, Florida.

Many politicians are try'n ta politicize the tragedy and are work'n against law-abiding gun owners.

It seems they are try'n ta draw attention away from their insufficient effort ta control terrorism in our country.

Ben Franklin Quotes

Benjamin Franklin is quoted as have'n the follow'n thoughts:

"They that can give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety."

"Those who sacrifice liberty for security, deserve neither."

"People willing to trade their freedom for temporary security, deserve neither and will lose both."

"Those who would trade in their freedom for their protection, deserve neither."

Political Stunts

Now ya have Senator Chris Murphy leading a 15 hour filibuster demanding more "Gun Control".

Immediately, after the Orlando slaughter, Rep. John Lewis gave a speech declare'n "it's not about terrorism, it's about Gun Violence!"

Representative Lewis organized along with the support of Henderson Counties Rep. Cheri Bustos (former liberal newspaper carrier), and around 70 fellow congressional Democrats, a 25-hour occupation of the capitol chamber.

It was a pitiful political stunt used ta raise money, water down the second amendment, ta draw attention away from the real problem!

Rep. Bustos gave constituents an inside look at the protest through her mobile app Snapchat.

Shouting down regular order, one was reminded of a small spoiled child that couldn't have her way so she would hold her breath until the regular order of the parents (2nd amendment) gave in ta her childish will.

What an extreme disappointment she has turned out ta be, according ta the talk heard around these parts.

Of course, their childish and unprofessional efforts were unsuccessful, but they vowed not ta give up on restrict'n second amendment quarantees.

The spectacle of members of congress sitt'n on the floor chanting and stage'n their demands while Sen. Elizabeth Warren smuggled in Dunkin' Donuts was one not soon ta be forgotten.

It might play well in the big city but not sure how well it plays in the countryside amongst hunters of Western Illinois.

One of the boys said the whole "publicity stunt" and debacle reminded him of a song by Johnny Rivers called "The Snake."

The lyrics talks about a tender hearted woman who ran across a half frozen snake so she took care of the snake, stroked the snake, and held it tight, and revived it.

Instead of saying thanks, the snake gave her a vicious fatal bite.

She asked the snake, "Why did you bite me when I saved your life?" The snake replied,

"Oh shut up, silly woman, you knew I was a posionous snake when you took me in."

Well, there ya have it then.

As fer me, I have no strong opinions on the matter at this time.

I'm a gonna have ta ponder the subject fer a spell and continue ta watch how things unfold.

I spect the boys will discuss the subject thoroughly as time moves on.

Have a good rest of the week. Enjoy the 4th celebration and fireworks with friends and family.

Hope'n ta see ya in church this week.

Remember, wherever ya are, whatever ya be a do'n "BE A GOOD ONE!"

Keep on Smile'n

Catch ya later