The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.


Elaine Slater Reese - Spring Green, Wi.

Try this! Tomorrow, casually ask five people what the date of Flag Day is this year. Do they all know that it is always on June 14th?

Then ask them how they will be celebrating our flag. Most will probably get a puzzled look on their face and that will be the end of the conversation.

Hopefully, most of us do know the colors (red, white, and blue) of the American flag. It represents our country. We have seen some use it as a curtain. Some have made it into clothing - shirts, shorts, etc.

Some in anger, intoxication, or just following the crowd have stomped on it, urinated on it, or burned it. But probably most homes do have an American flag - somewhere.

So what is Ole Glory lacking today? Respect.

We see it time and time again in parades. But we are busy chatting with the person next to us or texting. We don't stand quietly and reflect on its cost.

What is the cost? Ask the mother whose eighteen year old son was killed by a grenade.

Ask the widow who has the flag folded neatly and displayed with the inscription of her husband's name.

Ask the senior whose young brother's body was never returned to America.

Those who have served faithfully have made it possible for us to protest if we so choose, and to walk freely in the land of America.

Wake up, America! Remember that old saying - You never want a drink of water until the well runs dry.