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Book Signing At Henderson County Library

A retired Illinois State Police captain will sign copies of his award-winning new crime thriller at the Henderson County Public Library District in Biggsville on Wednesday, June 15 from 10 a.m. to noon.

Ed Traylor, who spent 29 years with the ISP, is the author of The Crossing, which details a sweeping terror attack that originates from the U.S. - Mexican border.

The Crossing earned second place at the Public Safety Writers Association conference in Las Vegas last July.

Traylor is coming off a highly successful book signing event at Barnes & Noble in Springfield on May 24.

The Henderson County appearance is one of several on his schedule around the state.

Reviewers have lauded The Crossing for its fast-moving style, intricate detail, realistic tone, and gripping conclusion. Much of the work, including several characters, are based in Illinois.

The central character is Racheed, an Islamic extremist from a well-to-do Pakistani family who is angered at the deaths of his grandfather and sister in a drone strike.

Racheed recruits and trains several fellow terrorists to help him carry out his mission, which will hit some of America's most cherished tourist and historic sites.

He contacts Juan Rodrequs, a ruthless Mexican drug cartel leader, to help him move the terrorists across the border.

The crossing - hence the name of the book - will travel through a sophisticated tunnel under the Rio Grande River that Rodrequs uses to smuggle drugs.

However, the plan is revealed during a routine traffic stop in central Illinois, where Rodrequs' top aide is pulled over while carrying over 400 kilos of narcotics. The aide becomes an informant, and the FBI, CIA, and DEA overcome multiple challenges to try to thwart the attack.

The Henderson County Public Library District is located at 110 Hillcrest Drive in Biggsville.

For more information on the book signing, call Ed Traylor at 217-825-9241 or the library at 309-627-2450.