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Bennett and Wisslead Appointed To Fill Council Vacancies

In the first part of its 7 p.m regular meeting on Monday, July 25, the La Harpe City Council heard from Auditor Greg Butler who commended the council for regularly operating within their budget. His 39 page report provided the facts and figures that supported his conclusion.

"If it looks like I'm doing a good job, it's because of Marcia Neff," Butler said, complimenting the former treasurer on her efficiency in her former post.

In Committee Reports, expenditures for vinyl patches for the new squad car were discussed and approved, and the city treasurer was asked to investigate amount of last year's contribution to the Illinois Sheriff's Association in order to send the same amount this year.

Clerk Lucretia McPeak thanked everyone who helped make Summerfest a success. She also read a letter from Quill Publisher Dessa Rodeffer regarding work that will be done to the Quill building.

In Public Comments, Dave Clover notified the council that he has filed 3 FOIA requests asking for information on water bills. Richard Wood commented on building nuisance in La Harpe.

At 7:40 p.m. the council went into Executive Session.

Following their return, the council approved an appropriations ordinance of $1,477,700.00 for the current year and tabled the agenda item calling for discussion and action on hiring part-time and seasonal employees.

Also approved was a change in the meeting schedule whereby the meeting on the second Monday will be considered a Committee of the Whole for discussion of items with no action taken, while the fourth Monday's meeting will be a regular meeting for acting on items.

Next, the council approved the appointments of Mike Bennett and Greg Wisslead to fill the council seats vacated by Josiah Neff and Amy Palmer last month. The two men were sworn in by City Clerk Lucretia McPeak and immediately took their seats at the council table.

With a full council now seated, committee assignments were made as follows:

Legislative/Financial: Mike Bennett, chair; Dave Mershon; Darrell Kraft.

Public Works: Dave Mershon, Chair; Marcia Stiller; Greg Wisslead.

Public Property: Darrell Kraft, Chair; Ken Foster, Marcia Stiller.

Public Safety and EDSA: Ken Foster, Chair; Greg Wisslead; Mike Bennett.

Public Inspection: Marcia Stiller, Chair; Greg Wisslead, Darrell Kraft.

In new business, the council decided to

The meeting adjourned at 9:14 p.m. The next meeting will be Monday, August 8th.

City Clerk Lucretia McPeak swears in new La Harpe City Council members Mike Bennett and Greg Wisslead