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The Wisdom Of Barnyard Bruke: Weather-The Convention-"Anarchy"-Fear or Faith

Greetings ta ever one in western Illinois and all readers of "The Quill."


Rain seems ta be come'n on a regular basis around these parts lately. Some folks are getting more than others and a few seem ta be gett'n too much, if'n there is such a thing in July.

The heat has picked up a bit but that's not unusual for this time of year.

I wonder if any folk yearn'n fer "the good ole days" are will'n ta turn off their air conditioners dure'n this heat ta get a dose of reality as ta what them days was really like?

The Convention

Dure'n the Republican convention in Cleveland, Ohio several regular party folk didn't show up.

Jeb Bush refused ta support his parties nominee and memick'n his Dad's memory lapses, forgot his signed pledge ta support the winn'n candidate.

Of course, he assumed it would be himself, as the nominee, but such was not the case. It reminds me of his father's memory lapse on the matter of "Read my lips-No New Taxes."

Their words and pledges apparently have no value.

In that regard, it probably is just as well they did stay away from the convention.

Ted Cruz showed up at the convention fer a try, though, speak'n at the 2020 nomination, but he refused ta back the winnin' candidate.

He must of forgot his pledge as well, and his campaign speeches of being a man of his word, and ta do what he sez he'll do.

Some say he did it all fer his own goal of runin' in 2020 yet others are now call'n him a liar.

That's just what we need fer the president of the USA!


The recent coup attempt in Turkey reminded ever one of recent Anarchy in Washington, D.C. in which the entire Democrat caucus, except fer eleven (11) members, participated in the 26 hour sit-in ta shut down Congress try'n ta force their will on the will and conscience of other elected representatives.

Our very own Representative of the 17th District, Cheri Bustos, participated in that exhibition.

"Anarchy" by definition is "confusion in general and disorder." An "Anarchist" is any person who promotes disorder or excites revolt against an established rule, law or custom.

Those Representatives eagerly participated in the 26 hour Congressional shut down! They gave speeches support'n anarchy with their pitiful political stunt of occupy'n the Capital Chamber ta raise money and advertise their anarchist actions thru Snapchat on personal cell phones.

What a spectacle they gave in to! They vow ta somehow continue their efforts. They have turned into a very deep disappointment much as those folk who tried ta over throw the Democratically elected Turkish government was a disappointment ta those in power over in that country.

If we don't respect our constitution and the laws of this country, what have we got?

If our legislators won't respect our countries laws, how can they expect those outside of government ta respond in a proper and respectful manner ta events.

Anarchy breeds Anarchy and mob action by legislatures in a 26 hour shut down of Government, because they can't have their way, only encourages similar action by its citizens at home and throughout the Nation.

"Our representative" Cheri Bustos should know that with her husband be'n involved in law enforcement. (and I's sez "our representative" lightly cuz she's a not represenatin' me and the boys in that fashion)

If save'n lives was their motivation, why have they and their likes never had a sit down ta save lives from abortion?

How many innocent lives were wasted by abortion dur'n their 26 hour stunt on the floor of the House of Representatives whilst they munched on pizza in their circus-like atmosphere.

In all probability, those "Anarchist's" who participated in the twenty-six (26) hour shut down of the House, (and we taxpayers payin' fer it) are plann'n on voters have'n short memories.

And perhaps they are hope'n voters will put their self-interests ahead of the best interest of the Nation? Who knows fer sure?

But, I guarantee ya one thing, the boys around these parts won't forget what they have engaged in as a participant in one of the more obnoxious and self-serve'n anarchist acts by any Representative represent'n our Nation.

We took a small survey in our group and the results were 100% in agreement with that fact!

Publicity stunts like that are not what is needed ta heal what is trouble'n our Nation at this time.

fear or faith

Then, just when me and the boys boilin' blood cools to a simmer, on top of both Republicans and Democrats go'n sour, the FBI shows up and informs the Rozetta Baptist Church they are on some "ISIS hit-list" of some kind.

The boys sez the church has decided ta do the right thing by rely'n on faith and God's protection.

Well, there ya have it then fer this week. Plenty ta dwell on and try'n sipher out the meaning of all those go'n ons.

I reckon think'n we are here in Western Illinois and somewhat isolated from world events turns out somewhat ta be a fable.

Have a good rest of the week and remember, "Prayer helps in matters such as these!"

Hope'n ta see you'ns in church this week.

Remember, wherever ya are, whatever ya be a do'n "BE A GOOD ONE!"

Keep on Smile'n

Catch ya later