The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

Meet Your Neighbor

by Misty Huston, The Quill

Meet your neighbor Amy Fullerton who lives in Oquawka, where she says, "we have the amazing view of the river each day."

Amy was raised on her family's farm outside of Joy, and is the daughter of Charlie and the late Rose Seefeld of Joy.

Charlie is a farmer, still living in the home where she grew up outside of Joy and she recalls what an amazing seamstress and cake baker her mom was. Rose made Amy's wedding dress, her brides' maids dresses and their wedding cake along with every birthday or special occasion cake imaginable.

Amy has two older brothers, Dale (Ivonne) who lives in Kansas and works diligently for AAA and Evan (Melissa) who lives next door to their Dad and also farms. In fact, they live on the first family farm that Amy's grandparents, her mom's parents, bought in the 1940's. Several families owned the property before her brother moved there in 1995. When her brother moved in, there were still light fixtures in the home that were there when her Mom lived there as a child.

Amy married her high school sweetheart, Cory Fullerton at her family's farm in 1994. He is the hardest working person she knows, keeping busy by working with their livestock daily and grain farming.

Two of our greatest blessings are our children, says Amy. Mason, who is 20 and just graduated from Muscatine Community College with an Associate's Degree in Farm Management. He currently manages a hog building and works on Amy's dads and brother's farms. Andrea is 18 and just graduated from West Central. She has taken a job at Camp Chief Ouray in Granby, Colorado. She will return in August to attend Black Hawk College.

Amy says, "we now have an empty nest and to cope I have added two summer jobs to go along with my teaching career at United West Elementary where I teach preschool." She is working in the Circuit Clerks Office at the Henderson County Courthouse and doing secretarial work for her brother's Titan Pro business.

Amy tells me that the most interesting thing about her high school that she met her husband there.

In her spare time Amy enjoys photography, boating, golfing and always spending time with family and friends.

Amy's words of wisdom are:

"I try to be kind to those around me as I know I would like kindness in return" and "There are so many families in the area having babies. I truly hope they are loving every minute of this special time. It's such a cliche but please remember; enjoy it now because they grow up fast! You will miss them being little, trust me.""Life is"