The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

RE: La Harpe City Council

I was fortunate enough to attend the latest La Harpe City Council meeting. I found the audacity of this governing body inexcusable. Many citizens spoke up and asked question to the council, especially the mayor, and none of the questions were answered.

One of the large questions surrounding the meeting was whether or not Ryan Kienast should pay the difference of his water bill. It was commented on that a few months prior to changing the ordinance, the mayor's bill was changed to reflect a lower amount. Some of us citizens feel that he should make this difference up, because the bill was changed before the ordinance. I for one would like to see that money be repaid to the city.

Another thing that was brought up at the meeting was the fact that the mayor continues to change the agenda. After he changes the agenda he does not allow things to be discussed that were on the original agenda. This basically allows him to get out of talking about anything that he does not want to. I cannot believe that someone would have the audacity to try to control a public city meeting in this manor. I feel like the mayor only became so to get certain things approved by the city, and is not working for the good of all, but for the good of one.

We need to stand up for ourselves, and our community. This is why I would ask for a new ordinance to be adopted that would allow for a mayor in our town to be recalled. I find this is necessary so that we people get our voice back. We cannot allow someone to railroad the city into things that are unethical, and even illegal.

Please, I urge all of the people of this town to call their councilman, really all council people to discuss this ordinance. I do not want them to rush into any decision, but I do expect a lengthy discussion on the matter. I feel like there is a lot of unrest with the citizens of this town, and I think it revolves around one person. I worry about whether or not we are going to wake up without water, because the mayor fired another employee. I worry about the fact that all employees may stop working if the mayor didn't sign the payroll checks. I also worry about the state of this town if another employee should quit, because of the interference of the mayor in their jobs.

That is why I am pleading with the citizens to call your aldermen and women, and tell them to discuss this new ordinance. If that is not something you want to do then at least attend the meetings, and take action in anyway that you can.

Lacie Thompson

La Harpe