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Vancil Promoted To Chief of Police

By: Shirley Linder, Editor

Deputy Police Chief, Arbry Vancil, was promoted to Chief of Police at the regular meeting of the Village Stronghurst Board on Monday January 4th.

Amanda Kane reported they had run into some issues, by not having a chief of police, when enrolling Danny Moore for classes recently. The enrollment papers could only be signed by the chief of police or the mayor, however, they were able to catch Mayor Gary Root to sign the papers before he left for vacation.

Kane also reported Lynn Hoyt had resigned the force as of December 31st to work at Western Illinois University. That leaves the police department with three employees, Arbry Vancil, Mark (Andy) Jackson, and Danny Moore.

Brendan Schaley reported that the officer's safety class in Macomb which the board had approved last month for Vancil and Jackson at $399 each, is now free.

Schaley also reported that the rifles and Hummer they had received from Lisco were being confiscated as they are taking back all military equipment from police departments, staring with part time departments first.

In the absence of Mayor Gary Root, Brendan Schaley served as Mayor pro tem. There was no police report for the month of December. Ronnie Gitting's report included:

In other business the board:

On a motion by Amanda Kane, seconded by Betty Waterman the board entered executive session at 7:55 p.m.

Following executive session trustees voted to give Arbry Vancil $16 per hour.

Present: Trustees, Mike Bohnenkamp, Amanda Kane, Jim Spiker, Brendan Schaley, Betty Waterman (David Vancil absent); Employees, Ronnie Gittings, Arbry Vancil, Attorney Bill Rasmussen; Guests, Sally Waddell, Diana Doran, Shirley Linder