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Oquawka Proposed New Fire Protection District

The Village of Oquawka and the Volunteer Firefighters have proposed a New Fire Protection District.

The New Fire District would cover the Village of Oquawka. The Townships of Oquawka, Bald Bluff and Rozetta boundaries would be 1 mile south, 7 miles east, 10 miles North of Oquawka.

Since February 1964 the Oquawka Fire Department Fire Association has covered the present proposed areas. Rural citizens pay $50.00 annually for rural fire and rescue services.

Fire Chief Troy Jern said, "Our goal in November 2016 is to have a public vote in order to approve our fire district. The Village of Oquawka owns 100 % of the fire department. If the fire district is approved the fire station apparatus and equipment would be purchased from the village. "

Jern said the fire department will still be based out of the Village of Oquawka.

"Presently if you are a non-member within the boundaries of the Oquawka Fire Association you will be charged a fee of $500 for Fire Department Services.

"With the high prices of apparatus, trucks equipment, housing, maintenance, replacement cost, insurance and training and all new regulations its very costly. This is the reason for a Fire Protection District."

Oquawka is one of the two municipalities Fire Dept. that is not a tax Fire Protection District. Jern said there will be community meetings on the new Fire District, in all townships involved.

For more information call Fire Chief Troy Jern. They ask for your support. More information will be forth coming.

Oquawka Fire Chief Troy Jern addresses the Village board of the letters that are being mailed to residents requesting support for a new Fire District.