The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

The Wisdom Of Barnyard Bruke: "Dirty Dishes, Ten Commandments For Gett'n Along, Time To Wake Up"

Greetings to ever one in western Illinois and all readers of The Quill.

Happy New Year and with that I'll pass along some advice:

A New Year

This is the begin'n of a new year. God has given you this year ta use as you will. You can waste it or use it fer some good purpose. But what you do with this year is important because you will exchange a year of your life fer it. When 2017 comes, 2016 will be gone forever. Let's hope you will not regret the price you paid fer it.

Young Children Advice.

Fer those of youn's who have youngn's at home: Oh give me patience when wee hands tug at me with their small demands,

And give me gentle and smile'n eyes.

Keep my lips from hasty replies

And let not weariness, confusion, or noise

Obscure my vision of life's fleeting joys.

So when in years ta come, my house is still -- No bitter memories it's room may fill.

Dirty Dishes.

Fer those of youn's who are homekeepers:

Thank God fer dirty dishes,

They have a tale ta tell:

While other folks go hungry we're eat'n very well.

With Home and Health and Happiness we shouldn't want ta fuss, fer by this stack of evidence,

God's very good ta us.

Ten Commandments fer Gett'n Along

And, fer those folk strive'n to get along better with other folks here are Ten Commandments of how to get along with People:

1) Keep skid chains on your tongue: always say less than ya think. Cultivate a low, persuasive voice. How ya say it often counts more than what ya say.

2) Make promises sparingly and keep them faithfully no matter what it costs.

3) Never let an opportunity pass ta say a kind and encourage'n word to or about somebody. Praise good work, regardless of who did it. If'n criticism is needed, criticize helpfully, never spitefully.

4) Be enterested in others: their pursuits, their work, their homes and families. Make merry with those who rejoice; with those who weep, mourn. Let ever one you meet, however humble feel that ya regard them as a person of importance.

5) Be cheerful. Don't burden or depress those around ya by dwell'n on your minor aches and pains and small disappointments. Remember, ever one is carry'n some kind of load.

6) Keep an open mind. Discuss but don't argue. It is a mark of a superior mind ta be able to disagree without be'n disagreeable.

7) Let your virtues, if'n ya have any, speak for themselves. Refuse to talk of another's vices. Discourage gossip. It is a waste of valuable time and can be extremely destructive.

8) Be careful of another's feelings. Wit and humor at other person's expense are rarely worth it and may hurt when least expected.

9) Pay no attention to ill natured remarks about you. Remember, the person who carried the message may not be the most accurate reporter in the world. Simply live so that nobody will believe them. Disordered nerves and bad disgestion are a common cause of back-biting.

10) Don't be too anxious about the credit due ya. Do your best and be patient. Forget about yourself and let others "remember." Success is much sweeter that way.

There ya have it then. Hopefully it might make your new year a bit sweeter ta the extent ya are able ta apply those ten commandments. Of course, most of youn's are already apply'n most, if not all, of these ten in your lives already. That's what makes rural areas and communities so nice to live in.

Time Ta Wake Up.

Here is some New Years advice fer the leaders of our government from long ago:

"The budget should be balanced, the Treasury should be refilled, public debt should be reduced, the arrogance of officialdom should be tempered and controlled, and the assistance to foreign lands should be curtailed, lest Rome will become bankrupt. People must again learn to work instead of living on public assistance" Cicero, 55 BC.

Hmmm, apparently we've learned nothing at all over the last 2,071 years. The last I remember from my train'n in a one-room school house, Rome's history did not turn out so well.

Well, there ya have then - some thoughts to dwell on fer a spell fer the new 2016 year. Hope they generate some enterest'n discussions with your spouse, roommate, friend and children.

That's all fer the first column of the New Year. Hope'n ta see ya in church this week and take time ta visit a friend or relative confined ta their, in the hospital or nurse'n home, or in need of some love'n attention- which is ever one these days.

Remember, wherever ya is, whatever ya be a do'n, "BE A GOOD ONE!"

Keep on Smile'n,

Catch ya later,