The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

Meet Your Neighbor

-By Deb Olson, The Quill

Meet your neighbor Madison Brokaw. Madison was born in Burlington, IA and now lives in Stronghurst.

He is the son of Ed and Lisa Brokaw. Ed farms in the Stronghurst area. Lisa works at West Central FS in Stronghurst.

Madison has two brothers. Dalton works at the Feed Mill and is married to Sam. They have 1 son, Liam.

Brother Jordan is engaged to Melody. They have three children, Cyrus, Johnna and Josiah.

Madison's paternal grandparents were John and Marjorie Brokaw who lived in Raritan. Both are now deceased.

Madison's maternal grandparents are Gerald and Rosie Postle, of Carman. They are both retired now. Gerald loves to fish.

Madison graduated from West Central in 2012.

Madison works at West Central FS and farms with his dad.

He is engaged to Kilene Haynes who works in Burlington, IA at the Country Club. Madison and Kilene plan to marry when she finishes college in a few years.

Madison says he likes to build things, work on the farm and for enjoyment he likes to fish, a hobby he shares with his grandfather Gerald.

Madison enjoys family get-togethers at the holidays.

Madison's future plans include farming and getting married and raising a family.