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Above Ground Features Will Be Added To Splash Pad

by: Shirley Linder, Quill Editor

At the regular meeting of the Stronghurst Village Board on February 1st, Jade Parker informed the trustees of decisions made by the Stronghurst Booster Club.

The Booster Club has voted to add four, above ground, features at a cost of $30,000 to the recently constructed splash pad in the park. They will be having their dedication ceremony, grand opening, and a dedication to the Pogue family on the 28th of May.

Parker said, "We want to have everything done by then." This would include the commemorative sidewalk in place, the rules posted, benches and planters placed, and flowers planted.

Diana Taylor said they wanted the benches painted red but, not fire engine red. There will be 7 benches placed around the splash pad and Taylor would like a planter to sit between two benches. The village will need to pour the concrete for the benches to set on.

Taylor said they have 3 large planters which were planted with tulips last fall, and then probably would plant Salvia in them.

Parker and Taylor set up a meeting with the park committee for Monday, February 8th to make final decisions on rules, color to paint bench legs, and other details.

Taylor also requested the board consider building a small building at the park to hold the watering hoses so they could share the watering duties with the village employees. She stated the plants would need to be watered more than twice a week, which is what the village has been doing. Ronnie Gittings will look into this request for a building.

Parker also said the Booster Club would like to hold another electronic recycling day like they did last year and asked if the village would split the cost 50/50. She reported the cost last year was $416 and with general consensus the board members agreed to pay for half this year. It will be held some time in June.

Ronnie Gittings said a few more trees are needing to be taken down after being damaged by the ice storm.

He also reported the Fluoride percentage had changed in the water and they could not dial their pumps down enough to the correct amount so therefore, was having to mix the chemical. He is looking at buying a mixer for the chemical at a cost of around $250-$300.

They have the well pump back and installed and the other one sent off to be rebuilt and updated to work with the new tower.

Gittings said the cost of the painting for the park benches, including the legs, will run about $210 each. This cost does not include having the legs blasted and he will need to get a price on that.

He said they had a water leak on East St. after working hours and his guys answered the call right away and did a good job helping repair it. He said they may want to purchase a free standing light, as they had borrowed one from Jeff and it had worked well.

The board gave him permission to sell two electric hoists for $50 that are no longer in use and would need to be changed from a 2 phase to 3 phase if used.

Police report report for January included: 111 hours worked; 48 training hours; 880 mileage; 3 traffic stops; 3 verbal warnings; 2 uniform traffic tickets; 2 service calls; 1 arrest; 22 business courtesy checks.

Andy Jackson and Arbry Vancil had attended a 3 day class and Danny Moore will start classes on February 13th.

In other business the board:

Meeting adjourned at 8 p.m. until the next meeting which will be held on Monday, March 7th, at 7 p.m.

Those present included: Trustees, Mike Bohnenkamp, Amanda Kane, Betty Waterman, Jim Spiker, Brendan Schaley, mayor pro tem, (David Vancil absent); Employees, Ronnie Gittings, Arbry Vancil, Attorney Bill Rasmussen; Guests, Jade Parker, Diana Taylor, Randy Jarvis, and Shirley Linder.