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Letter To The Editor

Editor's Note: Alderman Mike Bennett of La Harpe feels the need to share this message with the citizens of La Harpe. It is a letter he sent to the La Harpe city government a few days ago.


I usually take a few minutes to make sure most of my emails are well-thought-out and written.

Not this time. There is too much at stake. I want you all to feel what I feel and see what I see.

My heart is breaking. I am an emotional wreck. This is destroying me. I'm not sure how much longer I can do this. I will definitely not be running in the spring election. This has taken too great a toll on me and my family.

I informed Mayor Kienast and City Attorney Diestler yesterday that I would be at city hall to submit my resignation, effective immediately. I strongly believe that Mayor Kienast was also ready to submit his resignation. In light of the facts presented during our meeting, I did not resign. I want only what s best for the city of La Harpe and its citizens.

I look around me and I see such hatred, divisiveness, mistrust, and anger, that it makes me physically sick. This is no way for a fine city like La Harpe to present itself to others.

I thought I had the answers to help. How foolish of me to believe this. I am but one. One who cannot even save himself. But together& together we can accomplish anything. It may take hard work, willingness to do things you don t agree with, and standing tall in the face of adversity, but it is possible.

In the spirit of the season, I ask that we put away our differences for the good of the city. Reach out to those who oppose you and those you oppose. Say I know we have differences on how things should be done. I'm here to help. How can we work together for the good of the city? Great things may come from this simple action.

La Harpe is entering a long, dark winter. In the spring, when the sun once again shines, it is my belief it will shine brightly on the city of La Harpe.

I have nothing left to say or offer.

Mike Bennett La Harpe