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Glen Boyd's Special 93rd Birthday Present, Just What He Wanted

For his 93rd birthday, La Harpe's Glen Boyd was treated by his family, to an airplane ride in Dennis Morton's 1946 Aeronca Champ, which Glen referred to as a little 2 seater plane.

Glen said he enjoyed the flight immensely.

Dennis said, "Glen took the controls of the plane for nearly 40 minutes."

He was flown over his old home place and saw how much the old place and the whole area has changed.

His favorite part of the ride was "just being able to go."

Glen said his last ride in a small plane was in 1982 but, he has flown in commercial planes since then.

Glen learned to fly in 1958 at Clarkston Airport in Macomb.

He owned two different small planes which he described as a tail dagger (Taylor Craft) and a Tri Cycle plane (a Cessna 150 called tri cycle because it has a "nose wheel".

What a wonderful birthday gift for a special veteran.