The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

Take "The Quill" Along

Dick and Karen Peasley (Burlington, IA), Linda (Peasley) and Richard Clifton (Stronghurst), Cheryl Peasley (Lorton), Virginia, and Barbara (Peasley) and Henry Thatcher (Danville, CA) took the Quill along to the 100th Anniversary celebration of the IFB in Bloomington, Illinois. They were invited guest as descendents of Otto Steffey who served as President of the IFB from 1954-1958, keeping their promise to Shirley Steffey Holton, Otto's daughter, to attend. A time capsule was opened that was buried in 1961 to honor Otto.

(paraphrased from Kevin Barlow newspaper article)

"There were a whole host of things in there that were important to our members back then. A list of the board of directors, the list of county presidents, our weekly newspaper and a proclamation dedicating the new building. Also included were minutes of the organization 1920 annual meeting and an IFB policy resolution book from 1961."

"The fence sign belonged to Otto Steffey, who was president of the organization when the decision was made to move the company's headquarters. Otto died suddenly of a heart attack before the building was opened but his friends decided to make this time capsule in his honor."

A new time capsule is being buried in front of the building and will be opened in 50 years, 2066.