The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

August Oquawka Board Meeting

Routine Business; Some Small Conflict

by Deb Olson, The Quill

Oquawka-Mayor Sandra Fullerton Moody reported at Tuesday's August 2nd meeting, that Terry Thacker of Papa's Pizza is interested in sponsoring a Car Show known as the Oquawka River Cruise on September 24.

Board member Bundy noted that a committee is already working on the Sidewalk Stroll to be held at the same time.

There is a conflict as the two groups are trying to organize these events. Bundy proposed that Thacker attend a meeting scheduled for Wednesday, August 3rd at 7 p.m. at Susan Myers house so that some agreement can be reached.

A check was received from Bob Munson's insurance company for $9,190.30 to cover damages done at the riverfront.

In addition the city's attorney has sent two letters to Bob, asking him to do work promised to be done by Munson on damaged riverfront but has received no response.

Manager of the pool requested guidance from the council on pool closing. As school starts on 16th it was determined that the pool should close then. This will not infringe on a pool party scheduled for the 14th.

Attorney Youngquist and Chief of Police Keith De Jaynes are working together to take aggressive action by getting citations out regarding junk and debris nuisances in the village. So far 12 have been sent out and 11 more are pending. Youngquist is working on a letter to CGB regarding pending litigation.

He also clarified laws pertaining to beer gardens by noting that anything connected to a building must under Illinois law be non-smoking. He requests that the town consider an ordinance to clarify this.

In the Street and Water report Jeff Peterson cited 7 locates, 44 pink slips, 3 shut-offs and 2 concrete trash cans set out for Parks and Recreation chairperson Nancy Bundy. He also took down the 4th of July flags, put the 6 inch pump back together and tested it. He was also approached by Annette Torrance about the trees at 7th and Main. These are Chinese elm trees which are not very good trees. Many are half dead. He would like someone else to look at them as he believes they are too large for his crew to deal with. The attorney asked if the trees are in the right of way. He then asked if they straddled the property line. Youngquist corrected the notion that if the tree falls the property owner only cuts to the property line. Instead he said, the fallen tree is the responsibility of the person on whose land it was standing.

Police Chief Keith DeJaynes gave the following report of police activities for July 2016. There were 2 criminal cases, 1 domestic battery and 1 theft under $300. There were 9 assists, 3 for the ambulance and 6 for the county. There were: 7 civil disturbances, 3 tavern calls, 11 ordinance violations, 7 golf cart inspections, 2 speeding citations, 1 citation for operation of an uninsured vehicle, 1 citation for no valid registration and 1 citation for no valid permit held by no one of age in the car. The police responded to 71 other calls. Three warrants were served. There were $200 worth of fines paid, Golf cart/ATV licensing fees of $120 and $250 in impoundment fees. Fines totaled $570. Fuel usage was 138.9 gallons and mileage was 1,652.

Pat Bigger came to the council with a complaint about the handling of a no contact order. She felt that Chief DeJaynes had handled the situation improperly and demanded an apology. The chief rebutted her statement saying that the person she wished to be removed from the area of the July pageant was not in said area when he arrived on site. Mayor Fullerton Moody dismissed the comments as not pertinent to the council meeting and not the council's business.

Deputy Don Seitz approached the board with a proposal that the village pay a portion of the salary to be used for a new drug force detective in Henderson County. While the council expressed support for the idea of further drug task force involvement there were questions about whether the county board and other area villages were committed to paying a portion of the fees as well. It was decided that Deputy Seitz should keep the Oquawka Village board posted on whether the county board and other village boards intend to share the cost.

Ted Mahan spoke about the situation with the alley behind his trailer. He asked for clarification of what his rights and responsibilities were. He also expressed displeasure with the previous manner in which he was notified that he was in violation of city ordinances. The council assured him that he was responsible for maintaining the alley as it is used for emergency vehicle access.

The meeting adjourned at 7:45 p.m.