The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

Meet Your Meighbor

By Deb Olson, The Quill

Meet your neighbor Colton Foster who lives in La Harpe. Colton was born in Burlington, IA, the son of Lee and Nancy Morrison Foster.

When Colton was a child his dad Lee went to work for IBM in New York.

The family returned to the La Harpe area for several years and Colton attended 4th through 8th grades at La Harpe Elementary School.

The family then moved to Raleigh NC but returned to the area once more and Colton graduated from La Harpe High School.

Lee and Nancy Foster are now both retired and living near Disco.

Colton's paternal grandparents were Gilman and Louella Foster. Gilaman was a farmer near Disco. He and his wife moved into La Harpe after retiring. Both are now deceased.

Colton's maternal grandparents were Hamilton and Helen Morrison of Michigan. Hamilton was a truck driver. Both he and his wife are now deceased.

Colton has three half brothers, Brian Foster who lives in Colorado, Roger Foster and Charles Foster who live in Vermont. He also has a half sister, Sierra Antigiovanni who lives in Texas. Colton's younger brother Keith Foster lives in Tennessee.

Five and a half years ago Colton married Donita Palmer. She is the daughter of the late Randy Palmer.

Her mother, Sonya is now married to Robert Strange. Sonya and Robert run the used furniture store on the east side of La Harpe.

Colton has three step-sons, Jesse, Jakob and Jadon. The family attends The Crossing in Macomb. His favorite hobby is motorcycles.

He keeps busy managing the properties he and Donita own in La Harpe.

When asked about future plans Colton says he intends to continue in property management but is considering other projects.

La Harpe is not a dying town as some might say. If there are still people living here, there are reasons for businesses to be here. La Harpe just needs the commitment of local people to the future of the community.