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Meet Your Neighbor

Meet your neighbor West Central High School senior Britanny Rose Womsley who lives in Bluffdale. Brittany was born in Fort Madison, IA. She was raised in Burlington, IA.

Brittany's parents are Dustin and Shannon Womsley Her dad is a mechanic and her mom is a stay at home mom. Brittany has three siblings, Graylinn and Donavan of Bluffdale, and Rebecca Allen also of Bluffdale.

Her grandparents are Timothy and Cathy Gray. Her grandfather is a truck driver and her grandmother is a bakery clerk. They live in Gladstone

While in school Brittany was involved in volleyball and basketball.

Brittany is a member of the Foursquare Gospel Church.

She enjoys reading and walks through the woods.

Every year Brittany's family takes a special trip to Indiana.

Future plans include becoming successful.

Brittany says, "Don't believe everything you see or hear."

Her advice to upperclassmen is, "Believe in yourself!"