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West Central FFA Banquet Highlights

Another year of hard work and dedication. Another year of amazing opportunities. Another year of unbelievable support from the Alumni, community and administration. That is what they celebrated on March 30th at the 11th annual West Central FFA Chapter Banquet.

Festivities kicked off with a silent auction. Guests were then served a wonderful meal provided by Subway and Mrs. Alexander's Foods classes. After dinner, President Ali Link and the current officers officially opened the meeting by reciting their opening ceremonies at their individual stations with the rest of the members joining them when the President presented them with the question "FFA members, why are we here?".

They proudly answered "To practice brotherhood, honor agricultural opportunities and responsibilities and develop those qualities of leadership which an FFA member should possess!"

Secretary Mallory Lafary then informed the banquet hall how many guests and members were present. She also presented a list of the activities the West Central FFA Chapter has participated in throughout the year.

After opening ceremonies, the West Central FFA awards and degrees were presented. They kicked off the presentation with Heidi Ford reciting the FFA Creed. Heidi did an amazing job. Standing in front of a crowd like that, as a freshman, can be nerve wracking. She recited the creed with confidence and poise.

The first award went to those who earned their Greenhand Degree. This degree is earned once one full year of FFA membership is completed. The Star Greenhand honor was presented to Heidi Ford.

The Star Greenhand Award goes out to the Greenhand who was the most active throughout the year.

They then moved onto Chapter Degrees. Chapter Degrees are presented to those members who have two full years of participation in FFA.

Once a Chapter Degree is earned, an FFA member may run for office.

Three ladies also earned their Honorary Degree. These ladies are Mrs. Kathy Lafary, West Central Elementary Principal; Mrs. Paula Markey, West Central District Superintendent; and Mrs. Lynn Gittings, wife of their Advisor Darrell Gittings.

They were proud to honor these ladies and thanked them for their support of the West Central FFA Chapter.

Next, they moved on to awards. These awards included Star Chapter Farmer, presented to Ali Link, West Central FFA President, and Jamilla Calderon, West Central FFA 2nd Vice President.

The next award went out to the Scholarship leaders, these members had the highest GPA in their grade. These honors went to Mallory Lafary, Chapter Secretary, Kami Endress, Chapter Reporter, Nick Brokaw and Payton Clark.

They then moved on to the Leadership award. This award went to Freshmen Alec Vancil and Heidi Ford, Sophomores Brock Bigger and Nick Brokaw, Juniors Sam Wolf and Kami Endress and Seniors Brianna Akers and Mallory Lafary.

Last, the Service award was presented. Those recognized for their efforts and involvement in the community included Andrea Fullerton, Chapter Chaplain, Kami Endress, Chapter Reporter, Nick Brokaw and Dalton Spiker.

Once awards were completed, Kami Endress then spoke of the role of women in agriculture.

Currently, nine of the eleven officers are female. The retiring officers are all female this year.

Those ladies are Ali Link, President; Brianna Akers, Vice President; Mallory Lafary, Secretary; Jamilla Calderon, 2nd Vice President and Andrea Fullerton, Chaplain.

Everyone heard them all speak of what FFA meant to them on a personal level, talk about finding success after failure, and thanking their families, fellow officers, the Chapter and Mr. Gittings and the Alumni for their support throughout their high school FFA membership.

Before moving on to new officer installation, President Ali Link then presented Vice President Brianna Akers with a moving speech and banner for her participation in High School Rodeo, pole and barrel racing.

Brianna has had quite an impressive high school career and it was an honor to hear about and see her accept the banner.

Ali then moved on to the new officer installation. The new officer candidates interviewed last Monday night before the current retiring officers, Advisor Gittings and three community members.

Your 2016-2017 West Central FFA Chapter Officer Team includes:

Kami Endress President;

Nick Brokaw Vice President;

Abby Steck Secretary;

Sam Wolf-Treasurer;

Grace Meyer-Reporter;

Grace Scott-Sentinel;

Brock Bigger 2nd Vice President

Jonathon Anderson 3rd Vice President

Tori Olson-Historian;

Shaylene Anderson Parliamentarian

Joni Lafary-Chaplain.

Ali, Mallory and Brianna then closed the meeting by performing their final Chapter closing ceremonies.

We wish Ali, Mallory, Brianna, Jamilla and Andrea the best of luck as they move on to the next Chapter of their lives. They will be missed.

So many opportunities would not be available to us without the support and backing of those who attend, those who participate in the silent and labor auction, those who help prepare food and last but not least, the Alumni.

Kami Endress,

2015-2016 West Central

FFA Chapter Reporter

Greenhand Degrees - Front Row - Payton Clark, Jensen Bowman, Lacey Bigger, Alec Vancil, Jacob Sells.

Back Row - Dalton Spiker, Emilee Eldridge, Heidi Ford, Justin Bole, Damien Fues, Corrine Booton.

Star Greenhand, Heidi Ford, Ali Link

Chapter Degrees - Nick Brokaw, Jo Beth Jones, Keaton Blevins, Tori Olson, Shaylene Anderson, Sarah Shrum, Grace Meyer. Back Row - Mason Butler, Curtis Nichols, Todd Lant, Brock Bigger, Joni Lafary, Dustin Stevenson.

Picture 7 - Star Chapter Farmer - Jamilla Calderon, Advisor Gittings, Ali Link

Leadership Award - Front Row Nick Brokaw, Alec Vancil, Heidi Ford, Mallory Lafary

Back Row: Sam Wolf, Brock Bigger, Kami Endress, Brianna Akers

Scholarship Award - Kami Endress, Payton Clark, Tori Olson, Mallory Lafary

Service Award - Kami Endress, Dalton Spiker, Nick Brokaw, Andrea Fullerton

2016-2017 West Central FFA Chapter Officer Team - Tori Olson, Shaylene Anderson, Grace Scott, Abby Steck, Grace Meyer Back Row Nick Brokaw, Kami Endress, Jonathon Anderson, Joni Lafary, Brock Bigger, Sam Wolf

FFA Officer Mallory Lafary (secretary) giving her farewell speech at the West Central FFA Banquet.