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Kane Retires After 38 Years On Henderson County Library Board

Art Kane of rural Media, has retired from The Henderson County Public Library District Board of Trustees after serving as their Treasurer for 38 years.

This past Sunday, April 3rd, many gathered at the Henderson County Library for an evening of celebration and reminiscing with Art and to thank him for his many years of service.

Library Director Anita Smith welcomed the current library board of trustees, her library staff members, all of the past library board of trustees that have served on the library board with Art.

Anita recognized Carolyn Fry, past library director and librarian during Anita's early years at the library. She also remembered the library board of trustees that have passed on as well as the past library directors, and she recognized Art's dear family.

(All four of his brothers and their wives - John and Nancy Kane, Dan and Carol Kane, Bob and Shirley Kane, Frank and Deanne Kane and several nieces and nephews - Craig and Jeanie Campbell, Kyle and Evie Campbell; Michelle and Ben Johnson, Sydney and Jaxon Johnson, and Keaton Kane were all present).

What a legacy Art is showing the younger generation and his family - 38 years of service - not being paid - all volunteer hours - look at the dedication - the work - the changes - the headaches - the successes - through all of it, the kind, gentle, steady, encouraging man that Art is.

Anita Smith lead us in a prayer as we began our time of fellowship. A delicious meal was prepared by the library staff members and the current library board of trustees.

After the meal the library staff members refreshed Art's memory with a lot of the changes he has been a part of over 38 years. They then presented a short power point presentation on the history of the Henderson County Public Library. The evening concluded with the celebration of cake and more fellowship.

Those currently serving The Henderson County Public Library Board of Trustees: Diana Russell - President; Thomas Pullen - Vice-President; Arthur Kane - Treasurer; Charleen Fisher - Secretary; Jennifer Painter; Beverly Zielke and Sharon Eisenmayer.

The library staff members: Anita Smith - Library Director; Denny Hilligoss - Accounting Clerk; Debbie Gillam - Part-time Library Circulation/Inter-Library Loan Staff; Mary Allaman - Part-time Library Circulation/Inter-Library Loan Staff; Crystal Parsons - Bookmobile Driver; Rabeka Link - Part-time Cataloging/Circulation Staff; Sloan Fisher - Part-time high school shelver; and Conner Hill - Part-time high school shelver.