The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

The 1923 Graphic

Compiled and Edited by Virginia Ross

Stronghurst Graphic, March 15, 1923

1923 OBITUARY: FRANS ALBERT LEBECK-Frans Albert Lebeck was born in Vestergotland, Sweden, July 14, 1865 and died at his home March 8, 1923 at the age of 57 years, 7 months and 22 days. Mr Lebeck came to this country in October 1881 and located at Burlington, Iowa. After working for several years in that city and vicinity, he came to Illinois and worked on the farm. On Feb. 27, 1895 he married Jennie Standbery of Burlington, Iowa, she being a worthy mate to him through the life of toil and hardships. To this union were born two sons, Frans Nathaniel and Eugene Victor. Mr. Lebeck was among the most honest and industrious farmers of the vicinity and was well liked by all who knew him. He always was ready to help anyone in need and was well liked by all who knew him.

All went well until August 10, 1920 when Mr. Lebeck received the fatal fall that caused him two and a half years of intense suffering and later his death. When asked about his burden, h would reply, "It is God's will and I must bear it." (He fell off a hayrack.) He was a member of the Stronghurst Swedish Lutheran Church, the Terre Haute Odd Fellows Lodge, and the Rebekah Lodge. He received the best of care and all was done for him that loving hands could do. He was taken to Davenport to the Chiropractic School for X-rays and later to Burlington for chiropractic adjustment spending several months at the St. Francis Hospital. He received quite a relief through these adjustments but wished to come home to loved ones where he remained till death. Those left to mourn are the wife and two sons, Frank and Victor also his only grandson, Francis Eugene. Funeral services were held at the Methodist Church in Terre Haute with the Odd fellows in charge. Burial was in the Terre Haute Cemetery.

KILLED IN AUTO ACCIDENT: The body of Rev. John McArthur whose death occurred Friday morning arrived in Newton this morning and was taken to the Sprinker-Carter Funeral home.  It was accompanied by the son, C.R. McArthur of Kansas City who told of the tragedy which terminated the life of the well known pastor of the United Presbyterian Church of Roosevelt, Okla. and brought sorrow to that whole community.

Rev. McArthur had been standing near a filling station at Roosevelt talking to an elder of his church when a lad of thirteen years driving a Ford headed toward the place where the two men were standing. The elder drew Rev. McArthur aside to what appeared to be a safe place, but it placed him directly in front of a post and the Ford car ran into the post and struck him in the abdomen casing internal injuries.  He was accompanied to a hospital sixteen miles distant where it was thought that an operation might save his life, but it was ascertained that his heart would not permit the strain of an operation and he passed away Friday morning at 1:30.

A funeral service was held for him at Roosevelt where he had been pastor for three years and he was so well beloved as pastor that the people of the entire town were present at the funeral.  The mother of the lad, who had been the cause of the accident, over come by emotion, arose during the funeral asking forgiveness for her son who was driving a car before he had learned how to operate it.

Rev. McArthur was graduated from Xenia, Ohio, in 1873.  He was 73 years of age and had given service as a pastor of the United Presbyterian Church for over 50 years-every where he had been in the East, in Kansas, Colorado and in Oklahoma.  His work was of so great a service that it merited the approval of his congregations.  Because of his age, he had offered to resign his position at Roosevelt, but his congregation would not permit this so the veteran minister had gone on faithfully with his duties of love and service to God and mankind until the summons came which terminated the fifty or more years of a useful life in the ministry.  His wife had passed away from earthly life about twenty-five years ago and after the services at the United Presbyterian Church at Walton, he will be laid to rest by his wife and child in the cemetery there.  Rev. J. H. Gibson of Kansas City conducted the services.


The above which appeared in the Newton Kansan-Republican, Newton, Kansas will be read with interest by many people in this community where Rev. McArthur served for several years as pastor of the Stronghurst United Presbyterian Church.  The exact date of Mr. McArthur s death is not stated in the above, but seems to have been on March 2nd.  His pastorate here extended over a period from Sept. 20, 1893 to April 5, 1897, and he is recalled as a man of superior ability in the pulpit.  He was a son of Rev. and Mrs. James McArthur and was born in New York, coming with the family to Henderson County when a child.  The father was pastor of the Walnut Grove United Presbyterian Church for many years (the cemetery lies southeast of the former church site in Media Township).  The elder McArthur was a farmer as well as minister and owned and resided on a farm 3 miles north of Stronghurst.  The McArthur family is well remembered by the older residents of this section, both father and son having served well and ably in the ministry.  Mr. McArthur is survived by his three children: Mrs. Ethel Aldridge of Mound Valley, Kan.; Mrs. Anna Alexander of Denver, Colo.; and Cecil McArthur of Kansas City, Kan.-also by his brothers Cecil of Walton and Samuel of Newton, Kan.; and his sisters, Miss Nettie and Mrs. H. A. Brush.

OBITUARY: ALMA HELENA POWELL-Alma Helena Powell was born March 8, 1876 in Henderson County, Illinois; she died March 7, 1923 at her home near Stronghurst Ill., aged 46 years, 11 months and 27 days.

She was united in marriage to Wm. A. Powell Feb. 10, 1904 and to this union were born three children, two girls and one boy: Alice, age 16; Ellen, 12; and Robert 9 who are still living.  Besides these she leaves behind to mourn their loss the following: a loving husband, an aged mother, two sisters-Mrs. Ed Chandler and Clara Fitz.  Mrs. Powell was converted and united with the Maple Grove Church in 1893 and remained a faithful member of this church until death.  While she had health and strength, she was an active worker in the church and Sunday school, having taught a Sunday School class for some time.  A good mother and loving companion has gone from us, but the wholesome influence left behind will linger long to per perpetuate her memory.  Funeral services were conducted at the home with interment in the Stronghurst Cemetery.


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WEDDING BELLS: Mr. Harry E. Painter and Miss Mary Alice Wax were married this afternoon at the home of Mr. A. E. McElhinney, Rev. J.A. Mahaffey, pastor of the U. P. Church officiating.  The couple was attended by Mr. Clifford McKeown and Miss Gene McElhinney.  After the ceremony they departed on train No.22 for Galesburg and thence to Tarkio, Mo. where they will spend their honeymoon.

JORDAN-WORLEY: Christa August Worley, oldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Harley Worley, and George Jordan were married at Macomb last Wednesday.  The contracting parties are residents of the Raritan community.  The bride is a grand daughter of Mrs. Wm. Worthington of the south country.

HIGH SCHOOL INSTALLS RADIO: The students of the High School have been very busy in the last few days installing a radio in the temporary school quarters above the Farmers Co-operative Store.  The set was purchased with the proceeds of the senior class play that was given during the holidays.

LORENZO S. FOOTE NOW FARM ADVISER OF UNION COUNTY: With less than three years of experience in the work, L. S. Foote has been approved by the State University committee on qualification for Farm Advisers as capable and worthy of taking the important post of Farm Adviser of Union County, Illinois. The usual rule is that a man must have five years of actual experience after leaving school before he can hold such a position...He came to the Hancock County Farm Bureau in June 1920 after completing his course at the University.

Everyone in touch with the Farm Bureau in Hancock County knows of all the splendid service which Mr. Foote gave here, especially in the line of poultry production and marketing, boys and girls club work and orchard care and management...Mr. Foote's hobby is fruit production and he is also directly interested in that branch of the farming business so that the position in Union County was especially attractive to him, and influenced our Executive Committee in their decision to accept his resignation.

Mr. Foote left Carthage on Feb. 14th to take up his work in Anna, Ill. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Jay Foote of Stronghurst.

LOCAL AND AREA NEWS: Born to Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Brokaw March 8th, a son. Mr. and Mrs. Ed Stine and family have moved to the Emmet Milliken property. Bert Walker who has been in ill health for some time is said to be very critically ill of pulmonary infection. Mr. and Mrs. Guy Sanderson and son have moved to the Brook farm north of town, formerly operated by John Shaw. Miss Florence Fort who is a recent measles victim is being cared for at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Upton. The B. G. Widney Agency leads in the settlement of loss on the school building, having handed the Hartford Fire Insurance Co. check to the treasurer-the amount being $4,500. ($61,740 in today's values) George(Max) Barnett, who joined the navy last summer and was sent to Portsmouth, Va., for training, has graduated in his course of pharmacist mate and was transferred to Great Lakes, Ill., where he is on hospital duty. Col. Fred Gray who with his family have moved from Media precinct to the W.H. VanArsdale farm south of Raritan. Miss Francis Fitz of Galesburg and Miss Hattie Taylor of Decorra were dinner guest of Mr. and Mrs. H. M. Allison. Paul Hulet and family have moved from the I. H. Brokaw farm to the Gearheart place south of Raritan where he will work for Raymond Gearheart. Mr. and Mrs. Judd Wetterling and family have moved to the R. D. Nevius farm southeast of town where Mr. Wetterling will be in the employ of Charles Lind. Rev. and Mrs. Nels Olson are the parents of a baby girl born on March 9th at Augustana Hospital, Chicago. The little Miss will be known by the name of Ruth Christina Marie. Miss Rachel Doris, who was numbered among the older of Raritan citizens, passed away at her home on Friday evening; she was a relative of Mr. Wm. Wright, formerly of this city.