The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

The 1923 Graphic

Compiled and Edited by Virginia Ross

Stronghurst Graphic, March 1, 1923

HAZEL DELL SCHOOL DEDICATED: Hazel Dell School in Henderson County located on the Monmouth-Oquawka Road, wad dedicated as a Superior School last Friday afternoon with appropriate exercises which were attended by several hundred people, former teachers and students. At the present time there are 39 Superior Schools in Illinois and four of these are in Henderson County.

The celebration started at 11:30 with a big dinner served by the ladies of District 59 in which the school is located. Everything a person would want to eat was there and all did justice to the many appetizing delicacies placed before them.

Following the dinner, a toast program was enjoyed. Ed Woods, one of the directors of the school, acted as toastmaster and from all reports he performed in his usual capable manner. During the program, letters were read from Rev. John Ferris, a former pupil, and Misses Virginia and Rachel Crouch, ex-teachers who now reside in California.

Those appearing on the program were C.C. McClung of Monmouth who was teacher at the school from 1878 to 1884 who read an original poem which caused much merriment; Mrs. Della Yeoman, ex-County Superintendent of Schools in Henderson County, who toasted the directors; County Superintendent of Schools A. L. Beall; Mrs. N.Q. Welch; County Superintendent of Schools F.M. Winbigler; Mrs. Florence Patterson of Oquawka, a former teacher; J. W. Coghill, another former teacher; J. Boone Reed of Monmouth, who toasted the old pupils and Mrs. Elsie Thornton, an ex-teacher. Mrs. Carl Sandstrom read a very interesting history of the district. Perhaps, one of the most interesting papers read was one prepared by Mr. Brown, an aged resident of the vicinity, who was present but unable to speak. He had prepared an interesting letter which was read by the teacher, Miss Ruby L. Hicks.

The dedication program started at 1:30 and consisted of a number of songs, readings and musical numbers by the pupils. The dedication address was made by Francis G. Blair, State Superintendent of Schools, who spoke in his usual eloquent and interesting manner. He complimented the school very highly for the record it had made and complimented Henderson County upon having four Superior Schools. The program opened with an invocation by Rev. Mr. Rose and closed with a benediction by Rev. Mr. Morton.

OPENS SCHOOL AFTER THE FIRE: School will start Monday, March 5th and all students are requested to be ready to start work on that date at 9 o'clock a.m. The books have all arrived and every one should come supplied with all books and other school necessities. High school students will report at the room above the Co-operative Store; 1t and 2nd grades at Community room; 3rd and 4th grades at the old B.&W. Cafe; 5th and 6th grades above the Community room; 7th grade at the rear of the Community room; and 8th grade above the Community room-C. E. Larson, Supt. of Schools.

A QUIET WEDDING: a QUIET WEDDING WAS SOLEMNIZED Sunday evening at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Crenshaw when their daughter, Eva, became of the bride of Wm. H. VanArsdale of the Raritan neighborhood. The ceremony was performed by Rev. W. H. Cross, pastor of the Stronghurst Christian church. They will be at home to their friends at a home prepared by the groom in the Raritan vicinity.

THEY WITHDRAW: Mr. Wm. Hartquist has refused to allow the use of his name as a candidate for the office of village president at the primary election to be held on March 13th. Delbert Dixson and J. B. Fort have refused to run as candidates for village trustee and village clerk respectively. Petitions for these gentlemen as candidates for the Independent party had been filed with the village clerk, but in compliance with their request, their names will not appear on the printed ballot of said party.

LOCAL AND AREA NEWS: The measles are gradually diminishing in number and most of the victims will be able to resume school duties Monday. Mrs. Hattie McClain has been bedfast the past week with an attack of LaGrippe. Others who are sick include Beth Brokaw, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Earl Brokaw, Mary Dixson and Mrs. L.E. Simpson who is gradually recovering from her illness. The Standard Bearers held their regular meeting at the home of Miss Frances Worley on the night of the 22nd. Clidean Simpson was the leader. Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Brokaw and son Chester, Mrs. A. H. Kershaw and son Fred, Mr. A. V. Brokaw and daughter Ruth of this community and Mr. Paul VanArsdale and Mrs. Mary Corzatt of Raritan community attended the funeral of Dorothy Maynard at Canton, Ill. Dorothy was 14 years old and the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Maynard; she died after a severe attack of pneumonia.

James Curtis left for Glassford, Ill where he has accepted a position. The Simpson residence is well under way now and probably can be occupied in four more weeks. Miss Audrey Rezner has resumed her school duties at Raritan after a long period of sickness. Miss Frances Worley is helping her father in the drugstore and ice cream parlor during school vacation. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Brokaw left for Seward, Nebr. where they will visit relatives. Mrs. Nell Long left for Kansas City to attend the automobile show; she was accompanied by her mother Mrs. Shery of Carthage. Chas. Fort was taken suddenly ill with an attack of ptomaine poisoning and suffered intensely for several hours. He was able to be out again and has about fully recovered. Doren, the youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Grate of the Raritan community, passed away at the family residence Feb. 23rd following an illness of several days of appendicitis. Funeral services were held at the Bedford church with interment in the Blandinsville Cemetery.

MANAGER OF THE BAND: M. E. Beardsley was elected manager of the Stronghurst Band; the boys decided it would best to elect a non-member-one who would look after their interests and leave every member unencumbered with the business responsibilities that would divert from their training. Mr. Beardsley will make a good manager and will not shirk his responsibility.

TO DRILL SOON: George M. Foote of Chillicothe, Ill. was in town settling up farming interests. He reports the proposed formation of an oil company connected with some Peoria, Ill. capital to do some additional drilling in this vicinity. While nothing definite has been decided upon, it is hoped that their plans will be acted upon and operations begin some time this summer.

SOLE OWNER: A deal was consummated this afternoon whereby W. B. Gregory became sole owner of the Johnson & Co. Garage, he having purchased the half interest owned by Mrs. Lelia Johnson. Hereafter the garage will be known as the Gregory Garage.