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News From Henderson County Health Department

The Henderson County Health Department is Gladstone underwent several changes in May, 2015. Their financial situation at that time was bleak, They had depleted our reserves. They had several thousands of dollars in bills outstanding. At that time the Administrator, Financial Manager, Health Board President, Health Board Vice President , and Volunteer Coordinator resigned from their positions. The Health Board elected new officers and made a greater effort to give support to the staff on a daily basis. A complete audit was done and recommendations were made on how to move forward.

As a result of this audit they implemented a "Whistle-Blower" policy for employees to have a way to report or comment on activities of management and reporting of waste and abuse, without fear of being terminated from their employment.

Requirements under Federal awards or grants must meet certain criteria and cost allocations. For example, they were overspending on meal preparation and transportation costs. All expenditures are looked at closely and require proper documentation.

A properly prepared budget was not done for the year 2013-2014 and could have provided the board with valuable information about the operations of the Health Department.

Wages and salaries for each position have been reviewed by the Board of Health and adjustments have been made.

Accounts receivables had been over stated for years 2013 and 2014, resulting in assets and incomes being overstated. Adjustments were made by the auditor to reflect the true state of the Health Department.

With adjustments in staff and tighter control of spending, the Health Department is slowly turning around. Unfortunately, they did not receive the WIAAA grant, which had earlier been terminated. Those grants, with the exception of the Transportation grant, were given to Strom and Jameson Centers in Monmouth and will have a presence in Henderson County in October.

The Health Department remains fully committed to serving the residents of Henderson County.

They provide a number of programs that assist members of our community. Their WIC (Woman, Infants and Children supplemental nutrition program) provides vouchers for basic food items for pregnant and post-partum women, infants and children up to age 5 who meet income guidelines and have a nutritional risk. The Maternal and Child Health works in conjunction with the WIC program to identify needs and to provide the needed services or referrals to income eligible families.

Their Home Health Care enables patients, under the care of their physicians, to receive certain medical and personal care services at home instead of being placed in a nursing home.

Their Hospice Care serves and gives tender loving care to the end of life patients.

Their bath aides, CNA's and chore staff are assisting those who need assistance with daily cares.

Their transportation program is a vital link to the senior who needs to go shopping and to their doctor's appointments.

Environmental Services inspect and educate for safe handling of foods. The potable water program ensures safe drinking water. The Private Sewage Disposal Program assures the county is in compliance with IDPH Private Sewage Licensing Act and Code for the purpose of protecting groundwater from contamination.

They have a gym for walking, exercise equipment to use, books to read, or come and enjoy each other's company.

If you or your loved ones need assistance in the home, or you need transportation to a doctor's visit or shopping, please give us a call at the Health Department at 309-627-2812, and see how they can assist you. They are here for the residents of Henderson County.