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Meet New Neighbor and Illini West Senior Paige Olin of La Harpe.

Paige was born July 28, 1998 in Macomb.

She is the daughter of Darrin and Michelle Olin. Paige has been raised her entire life in La Harpe and attended La Harpe Elementary and the Junior High school.

Paige is the granddaughter Jim and Carol Fleming of Burlington, Iowa, who are both retired and the late Bill and Ada Olin of Knoxville.

Paige has been in dance classes since she was 2 years old. She dances up to 20 hours a week; she has loved this sport her whole life. Paige attends different competitions during the year. Her goal is to do the best she can at these competitions.

Paige currently attends Drive Studio of Dance in Macomb and Keokuk. She is also team captain on the lllini West Dance Team. The Illini West Dance team will be attending two dance competitions this year and Paige's goal is to go state. Paige will also be doing a solo at one of the competitions and hopes she also makes it to state.

Paige says, Without my sister, Ashley's help, I wouldn't be who I am today and the dancer I am because she has inspired me so much!

Paige's favorite high school memories are the week of Homecoming - the Powder Puff game and all the Friday Night football games with her friends.  I love how the class of 2016 and the other classes are pretty close. We all like to have fun. Paige says.

While in high school, Paige has also been involved with the Git R Done club. After high school, Paige plans to attend a college of her choice but her hopes are to continue to dance in some way.