The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

"A Legend" In Henderson County, Curt Eisenmayer, Laid To Rest Today

by Dessa Rodeffer, Quill Publisher/Owner

A legend in the community of Stronghurst, Curt Eisenmayer, 90, has passed on, undoubtedly through the pearly gates into heaven, after a lifetime of putting others first.

"Do unto others as you'd have them do unto you," is indeed a biblical principle that Curt lived by.

I doubt if anyone ever came up with a problem or a situation that Curt wasn't researching and working on a way to fix it.

Serving as Henderson Couny Extension Advisor since most of us was big enough to say "4-H" gave him the opportunity to influence a whole lot of people. No one worked harder or more consistently to help with the Henderson County Fair and 4-H than Curt. The Henderson County Fair Association wrote on Curt's passing,

"The HCFA wants to offer their deepest condolences to the family of Curt Eisenmayer who passed away early this morning. As stated when he received the 4-H Hall of Fame award in 2006, "Curt Eisenmayer is practically a Henderson County 4-H legend", no more accurate words could be spoken, but not only in reference to 4-H, but the County as a whole. Curt's dedication to everything he did was unsurpassed, but specifically, his years of service to the Henderson County Fair, and it's fairgrounds, will never be forgotten. God Bless you Curt!"

Curt was a natural teacher. I know myself as "The Quill" publisher, because Curt was always happy to explain something to me when I would cover an event or if I would ask the question, "Why? He was witty and knowledgable, and always quick to reply with much common sense in his educated answers.

"Humble" is another word that comes to mind as Curt refused again and again when I wanted to expand on some accomplishment he had earned such as his recent retirement as MST Fire Chief after 65+ years.

He was a model of how to run a fire department and keptvolunteers in shape, up-to-date, and attending many training workshops and meetings.

Firemen have been constant in their visits to the nursing home after he fell down the stairs of the church a year ago, and Curt instructed them, even in his weakness.

As Curt was always there for his firemen, volunteer firemen will be at his side, as they stand in the aisles during the funeral today at the Carman United Methodist Church where he and his wife Sharon so diligently attended.

The Stronghurst Quasquicentennial Facebook page had a post that said: Curt was a "great friend to all in our community. He came to Stronghurst in October 1952 as Henderson County Farm Advisor, retired in 1992. Curt was a life long student as well as teacher who never passed up the opportunity to impart knowledge. He was devoted to community service. He was a leader in the community who also knew how to be a follower. He always enjoyed a good story and especially when it involved laughter. Thanks to Curt for all he did for us. We love you."

Samantha Bailey shared on Hancock-Henderson Quill, INC.'s facebook: "From as far back as I can remember, every week I'd listen to him give the farm report with my grandpa. He is the one who probably taught the better half of the county about hunters safety, fire safety and gave all around general wisdom. If a person could leave half the legacy this man did we would all be a little better off. Prayers to this wonderful family."

Nancy Knupp Sander wrote, "I love the trees in lieu of flowers - so very 4-H. I found a volunteer oak in a flower bed today. Feeling called to intentionally transplant and name it Curt. Condolences to the entire family.

There will most likely be a lot of trees named "Curt" planted and I like the idea of it being a "volunteer" tree. What a legacy to leave to a great man who served his community so well.