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Illini West, Looking For A Principal

A sudden resignation of the Illini West High School principal has left the school board looking for a replacement.

It was reported by a staff member, that Principal Brad Gooding resigned Friday due to "personal reasons".

Last year, Gooding added athletic director to his principal's title after AD Joey Dion left for a job in Jacksonville.

Gooding said in an interview then, that "wearing more than one hat is something that he has grown accustomed to." Prior to arriving at Illini West he served as a teacher, administrator and numerous coaching positions at Unity middle school, Palmyra and Southeastern.

"As long as I have been in education it's not been the case where I have just been the classroom teacher. I've been the classroom teacher, the athletic director, basketball coach, softball coach," Gooding mentioned. "So for me staying busy is something very easy to do," he had said.

Gooding and his staff have been very good at keeping "The Quill" updated with events of IW sports.

When he was given the job last year right at the beginning of his 6th year, Gooding admitted that the first of the school year had been "a little nerve-racking with the mix up," but that he was also excited about the challenge and will put his best foot forward no matter what hat he is wearing at any given time.

He was quoted as saying: "I believe I am hired to do this job the best that I can," he said.

"And the only way I know is to go 110-percent. Everybody at Illini West wants to be the best and I want to put out a good product."

Illini West will be hustling to fill yet another person's shoes at the high school. The next regular Illini West board meeting is Sept 28th.