The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

Stronghurst Board Hires New Police Officer

by: Shirley Linder, Quill Editor

On Monday, November 2nd, the Stronghurt Village Board hired and swore in Danny Moore as a police officer for Stronghurst.

Moore, who lives in Stronghurst, cannot begin his duties until taking 40 hours of training the first part of December. In the meantime it has been arranged that he will ride with Illinois State Police trooper Cory Fox and Trooper Elswick for observation of their duties.

Angie Garson is doing only administrative work for the Stronghurst Police Department as she is employed at the Ft. Madison prison.

Amanda Kane gave the October police report which included: Hours worked 152.5; Squad car patrol mileage 740; uniform traffic tickets 1; Assist 1; Service calls 5; Arrest 3 warrant; Business courtesy checks 20.

Randy Jarvis had met with the zoning board to request permission to build a garage within one foot of the alley. He had previously asked to build 4 foot from the alley. The zoning committee approved his request but left the final decision up to the board. On a motion by Kane and seconded by Mike Bohnenkamp the request was approved. Randy said the garage would not be built until year.

The report from Ronnie Gittings included:

On a motion by Kane, seconded by Jim Spiker Gittings will build a cross walk 3 feet wide and with railings to place between the Senior Citizen building and the Legion building. This will take up one parking space.

There was a lengthy discussion on a drug testing policy which Kane had given to Attorney Bill Rasmussen. Rasmussen went over certain parts of the policy telling the board how hard it would be to prove certain points and playing devil's advocate. Rasmussen said, "Most of the time it's almost better not to have any policy than have a bad policy." It was finally decided to drop the policy and incorporate drug testing in the application form when hiring new employees.

In other business:

On a motion by Kane, seconded by Spiker the board enter executive session at 8:38 p.m.; re-entering open session at 8:45 p.m. All board members agreed to give Danny Moore $12.00 per hour. Next month the board will discuss more about employee wages.

The meeting adjourned at 8:50 p.m. until Monday, December 7th at 7:00 p.m.

Present: Mayor Gary Root; Trustees, Mike Bohnenkamp, Amanda Kane, Jim Spiker, and David Vancil; absent-Brendan Schaley and Betty Waterman; Employees, Lou Ann Nortrup, Ronnie Gittings, Attorney Bill Rasmussen, Arbry Vancil (7:43p.m.); Guests, Danny Moore (7:55 p.m.), Randy Jarvis, and Shirley Linder