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Oquawka Approves ATV Usage

by: Deb Olson, Quill Reporter

The Tuesday, Nov. 3rd meeting of the Oquawka Board was called to order at 6:30 p.m. by Mayor Sandra Fullerton -Moody.

The top business was a discussion about use of ATV and side by sides on city streets. This has been a highly charged issue for the past several months and attendees expressed hope that the matter could be settled at this meeting.

Ron James spoke in favor of the ordinance. He reported that a petition was passed around which garnered 315 signatures. He added that only 232 voters had voted in the last election, so he felt that more were in favor of the ordinance. He admitted the possibility that some of those signing the petition were not Oquawka residents but suggested that the figure showed a measure of popular support for the amended ordinance.

Mick Olson also spoke in favor of the ordinance.

He reported on his efforts to try and clarify what Oquawka residents wanted by putting a notice in the local paper asking for comments and suggestions although Clerk Sandy Huff reported that she had received no input.

Olson continued his report by providing information on similar ordinances in the surrounding areas including Keithsburg, New Boston and Alexis, all of which now allow ATV on city streets.

Nancy Tennant spoke in opposition to the ordinance, She said that after she refused to have the petition in her place of business she was boycotted. Her reasons for not supporting the ordinance include: the vehicles are loud and noisy, they will damage the streets, there are liability issues on several levels; children will be at risk.

After a thorough discussion, Bob Lafferty moved that ordinance 846 be amended to allow ATV's, four wheelers, and side by sides to travel on city streets with the same rules and restrictions as are placed on golf carts. John Fedler seconded the motion. The motion carried 4-1 (Eldridge voting no)

The clerk brought to the attention of the board the fact that current accounts bear the names of former mayors and trustees. Fedler moved that names on Bergman Trust/Volunteer FD account be updated to reflect the following current officers mayor, clerk , treasurer and assistant fire chief. The motion was seconded by Eldridge. Motion carried by a unanimous roll call vote.

The Mayor then introduced new attorney Andy Youngquist who expressed his appreciation to the board for changing the meeting night to accomodate his schedule. He is currently the attorney for several area villages.

Water and Streets Report

There was work on repairs to a water line in October. Nineteen pink slips were sent out, one water shut off, a tree was cut down on 3rd St., the plow/truck had its oil changed, salt (125 tons) has been received.

There was discussion about a new water service that is being installed.

Police Report

Police Chief Keith DeJaynes provided a record of police activities in October as follows:

Criminal arrests: 1 aggravated assault;

1 aggravated battery to a police officer, 2 counts of criminal damage to a state supported property over $300, 3 counts of battery and 2 counts criminal damage to property over $300.

There were 7 assists, 3 for ambulance and 4 for county, 2 domestic calls, 5 civil disturbances, 5 tavern calls, 3 ordinance violations and 1 golf cart inspection.

Five traffic citations; 2 speeding, 1 disobeying stop sign, 2 warnings, were issued. There were 31 other calls answered. Four warrants were served. Fuel expended was 122.4 gallons. Total mileage for the month 1,334.

Fire Department Report

There were 29 total calls. which included 12 grass fires 3 structural fires, 1 medical call, 7 medical assists, 6 public service calls. Storm siren will be tested starting next week on Tuesdays at 12 noon. Toy drive breakfast will be from 6 a.m. to 11 a.m. on Saturday, November 7th.

Old Business

As a part of Old Business the board discussed refinancing a fire truck loan for 7 years at $4,713.91.

Fedler moved that the board renew the note for another 7 year period.

Kuberski seconded the motion. Motion carried by a unanimous roll call vote.


Under new business, the board passed a new Fair Housing Ordinance #871 which needed to be in place to help the village to get grants.

Fedler moved that the ordinance be approved. Eldridge seconded. It was passed unanimously

Also under new business Ron James presented information on renewing village insurance package.

Fedler moved that insurance be renewed for 1 year at the rate of $28,706. Lafferty seconded the motion. The motion carried unanimously.

The open meeting adjourned at 7:54 p.m.

The board went into closed session to interview candidates for the water meter reader position.

Present were: Trustees Nancy Bundy, Robert Eldridge, Bob Lafferty, Leo Kuberski, and John Fedler, Mayor Sandra Fullerton-Moody, Clerk Sandy Huff and Attorney Andy Youngquist.

Trustee Scott Ray was absent.