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Meet Your Neighbor

Meet your neighbor Paul Scott Gibb of Biggsville, born in Monmouth but grew up in Napa, Idaho outside of Boise until he was 15.

After returning to Illinois Paul attended Union High School, graduating in 1969. He already had his driver's license when he came to Union, but was required by state law to take Driver's Training anyway, he said. He also attended Iowa Wesleyan College for one year.

Paul's parents are Warren Lee Gibb, a farmer, who passed away in 2003. His mother, Mary Esther Ross, a housewife who later worked in pensions for Boise Cascade, now lives in Longview, Washington in assisted living.

Paul worked with his father-in-law, Ray Shafer, in construction and then for 20 years at Pioneer Supply Co. (wholesale distributor) in Burlington, IA. There he absorbed all the knowledge he could about heating and cooling from his boss, Gene Anderson and in 2000 went to work in New London, IA for four years to put his technical knowledge into practice.

In 2004 he was hired by Holt Supply Company, a plumbing and heating wholesale distributor out of Burlington, IA and Galesburg. He became a Field Service Representative (FSR) and trained yearly in Tyler, TX at the Trane factory.

Semi retired, Paul went to work for Shane Reed Electric & HVAC, in March of 2014 doing heating and cooling. He also helps with the electrical work or anything that needs done, enjoying his job and working with Shane.

On September 26, 1970 Paul married Kathleen Fern (Shafer) Gibb. Kathy works at Winegards in logistics/exports now for 30 years.

They have two daughters, Mary Kathleen, who is a nurse practitioner and married to Brian Zielke. Brian works for the Illinois State Police in Springfield. They have 3 children, Elizabeth (Travis) Keever, works for Lowe's in Burlington, IA; Rebecca Zielke is a college student in Springfield, and Michael Zielke is in high school.

Their other daughter, Pauline (Polly) lives in the Quad Cities and does house cleaning and works for Ruhl & Ruhl Estate. She has one son, Joshua.

His hobbies are photography, reading, a little wine making in the basement.

Paul enjoys traveling, especially camping and he especially enjoys being able to go on a job and fix the problems, especially problems no one else has been able to fix.

A special vacation was to the Blackhills in South Dakota and Sylvan Lake and the Needle's Eye. Sylvan Lake is a picturesque lake set among hills, trees and large granite outcroppings at Custer State Park.

As far as future plans, Paul says he will keep on the same His philosophy for life is, "If you can't change it, just grin and bear it."