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Meet Your Neighbor

Meet your neighbor and La Harpe Junior High teacher Lee Ann Lambert of Carthage.

This is Lee Ann's first year of teaching Junior High in La Harpe. Before La Harpe, she taught at the Nauvoo-Colusa Middle School.

Lee Ann is the daughter of Darin and Debbie Weisinger of Tioga. Darin works at Central Iron and Metal and Debbie is the manager of the Quincy Wal-mart.

Lee Ann was born in Jacksonville, North Carolina and graduated from Warsaw High School in 2004. She graduated with her Bachelor's and her Master's from Quincy University.

Lee Ann has two siblings, Shawna Weisinger who is a CNA and lives in the Quad Cities and DJ Weisinger who is a student at Warsaw High School and lives Tioga.

Lee Ann is the granddaughter of Ed and Connie Weisinger of Tioga and William (Pat) Graham of Hannibal Missouri.

Lee Ann married her husband, Darin Lambert, in 2005. Darin works at Adams Telephone/Fiber.

Lee Ann and Darin have two children, Delaina, 9 and Blaine 6, who both attend Carthage Primary.

In her spare time, Lee Ann is a singer in the 80s rock band " Eleven", dirt track racing with her little brother. She has been singing since she was 10 years old and has sang the National Anthem at several functions. She is also the choir director at Trinity Lutheran at Carthage.

Lee Ann says, "La Harpe has been such a welcoming community. The children have been great. I have really enjoyed my first quarter at La Harpe."