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County Board Of Health Aims To Bring Back WIAAA Programs

by Jacob Irish, Quill Reporter

Gladstone, IL - The Henderson County Board of Health held a meeting Tuesday May 26th to discuss the rigid future of the Henderson County Health Department. The meeting focused on the immediate future of the HCHD in regards to finances and reapplying for WIAAA grants.

Following the resignation of Administrator Lynn Haase, Joan Ray, RN, and Chairman of the Board and Bookkeeper Judy Gravgaard, the board of health has taken over the administration of the HCHD until replacements are found. Erin Anderson has been appointed as the full time acting administrator.

The board announced that they have decided to reapply for the WIAAA grants that funded the geriatric programs in Henderson County. Newly appointed Board member Angela Myers announced that the Henderson County Board of Health will be meeting with the WIAAA board of directors on Thursday to ask for continued funding for programs such as meals on wheels for the remaining three months of the fiscal year.

Tom Pullen and Angela Myers noted that they may have to beg to get the funding for the remaining months given the recent relations with WIAAA, but they were optimistic about the future.

If the HCHD is not able to convince the WIAAA board to fund them through the year, there is still a chance the Health Department will be able to house the programs in the future. In order to do so, the HCHD must submit a grant to WIAAA by June 1st. Upon submission, the grant will be reviewed and compared to other organizations in Henderson County interested in providing WIAAA programs.

Tom Pullen announced that the HCHD only has $14,000 in the bank as of May 26th. With a payroll of $28,000 and an inherited debt of $110,000, the board has made some quick decisions to fix these financial problems, and prevent them from happening in the future. The board, assisted by some key staff members, made it clear that payroll will be less of an issue following the month of July when other grant money will begin to flow back in.

HCHD board member, Tom Pullen, made a motion to establish a line of credit amounting to $50,000 with the Bank of Stronghurst only to be used in the case of financial emergencies. The board voted unanimously to establish the line of credit.

The HCHD board also voted in favor of Pullen's motion to take out a $15,000 loan to pay staff, if funds do not become available by June 1st.