The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

Meet your neighbor Debra Mondorf of La Harpe, formerly of Burlington, Iowa.

Deb was born in Fort Madison, Iowa and raised in Burlington.

She is the daughter of the late Barbara Mueller, who was born in St. Paul, Iowa and the late David Brockett of the Henderson County area.

Deb has one brother, Michael Brockett of Burlington. She is the granddaughter of Marie Dietch and Robert Brockett of Henderson County.

She attended school in Burlington, Iowa.

Deb was married on March 28, 1997 to Joe Mondorf, who was born and raised in Burlington, IA.

Deb and Joe have two children, Jason Belknap and Amber Curry, both of Burlington, IA.

They have three grandchildren, Jaylynn, Peyton and Marshall.

Deb works at the Catfish Inn and Suites in Burlington. She is also a member of Love La Harpe.

One of Deb's favorite memories was sledding with her aunts and uncles when she was a young girl.

In her spare time, Deb enjoys camping, fishing, cooking and gardening.