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Hancock County Board Approves Some Emergency Repairs To Ambulance Building

Carthage- Hancock County board member Jeanne Schell compares building problems to "whacking a mole".

County Board Chair, Cary Gray, opened the April 27th special meeting of the board by stating, "The septic system pumping is the only waste disposal option available at the ambulance building, and the bathroom needed reinstallation. Both items are emergencies." The county board promptly and unanimously approved the following emergency items:

1. Having the septic system periodically pumped and installation of a bathroom at the ambulance building. Wayne Bollin asked for cost estimates. He was told the tile cost estimate is $1,250. The plumbing cost estimate is $1,600.

2. Approved the purchase and installation of a CO2 extractor. The CO2 extractor cost estimate is $6,700.

3. Approved the purchase of an LP backup generator. The cost estimate for the backup generator is $7,936.

Chairman Gray said space sharing with Hancock County Public Transportation could be considered. He said living quarters are a continuing problem.

Mark Hanson wondered what is needed to house paramedics and EMT's. He was told beds, rooms, a bathroom with a shower, and a kitchen were needed.

Harold Stuckwisch asked about the roof repair, and the water running into the southeast door. He was told there was no immediate solution prepared.

Mr. Hanson moved to have the Finance Committee and Building and Grounds Committee meet jointly to resolve the building problems.

Mr. Cramer seconded the motion, and it carried. No meeting date has been set.

Tom Scheetz said it had been dry - but water still stands in the ditch outside the low lying ambulance building. He also said a garbage truck got stuck in the driveway.

Jeanne Schell said, "The ambulance building problems seem to like whacking a mole. Whack one, and another pops up."

Don Little asked whether the furnace was "fried". He was told yes. New ductwork, thermostat controls, and furnace relocation are needed at an estimated cost of $4,200.

Mr. Scheetz said he was upset the states attorney was called a liar at the last county board meeting.

Citing his own experience, he reminded board members that he had from a letter he received from former States Attorney Jim Drozdz.

The letter said that a board member with a pecuniary interest in a matter before the board should do the following:

1. Disclose the pecuniary interest.

2. Refrain from participating on debate on the matter.

3. Abstain from voting on the matter.

Mr. Scheetz was referring to past contract awards on the ambulance building with his comments.