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Leo Kuberski Sworn In As Oquawka Trustee, Troy Jern Steps Down

by Jacob Irish, The Quill

OQUAWKA- Leo Kuberski was sworn in as the new Oquawka Trustee May 4th. Oquawka Mayor Sandra Fullerton-Moody swore Leo into service following Jason Howard's resignation Monday evening. In addition to Howard's resignation, the Mayor announced that Troy Jern will also be stepping down from his position as a Board Trustee.

Clerk Sandy Huff presented the April minutes and bills, as well as April's Treasurers' report. Nancy Bundy asked for clarification on the "Cold Patch" in regards to MFT reimbursement. Huff responded to the question by noting that reimbursement will be coming out of the "MFT fund." Minutes, bills, and reports were approved following the motion brought forth by Jason Howard.

The discussion over peddler's fees has yet to reach a conclusion. The assigned committee has yet to reach a verdict on the matter. The discussion has been tabled once more until the finance committee makes a decision. The committee will make the decision on this matter, Thursday May 28th at 6:30pm.

The portable toilets will soon be furnished for those enjoying the Mississippi River. Fullerton-Moody brought the issue up and a quick solution was found by Trustee Eldridge. Fishers and boaters should expect to have access to these facilities within the next two weeks.

Owners of the Oarhouse restaurant have approached the board asking for permission to place three small tables on the sidewalk in front of their restaurant. The board decided to table the discussion until more information on OSHA safety requirements is acquired.

Mayor Fullerton-Moody announced that she had attended the Family Outreach Community Center's (FOCC) "Mayor's Day of Recognition for National Service," Thursday April 30th at 6pm. Fullerton-Moody highlighted that the Family Outreach Community Center is currently looking to rent a relatively cheap building in the northern part of Henderson County. The Mayor stated, "FOCC has a good service that helps community members get jobs, food, and clothing."

Citizens of Oquawka have reached out to the board with complaints about trees planted on city property. Robert Eldridge noted that people are complaining that some of the city's trees are "bleeding sticks, twigs, and walnuts." The board unanimously agreed to deal with the trees on a "case-by-case" basis. The board largely agrees that city trees should not be removed unless they are "dead" or "dangerous."

The Oquawka City Wide Yard Sale will be held Sat., May 9th. The village yard sale will be followed with the village wide clean-up on Tuesday, May 19th. Bundy suggested that there needs to be a list distributed to the public informing people what will and what will not be accepted by the waste companies on the junk removal day.

The Mayor finished off her report by announcing that the village trustees met on April 27th to establish plans for the "street project." The trustees toured Oquawka's roads, taking pictures and writing notes of significant infrastructural problems that need to be addressed in the near future.

Attorney Andy Doyle reported that the Village of Oquawka will soon begin another wave of tickets for those that have not yet cleaned up their properties. Doyle noted that the city has given people plenty of opportunities over the past winter months, "but now it is time to start rolling and upping the fines."

The board with the assistance of Ron James of James Insurance has voted and approved the change in insurance.

Effective June 1st, the Oquawka Board will be insured by Blue Cross/ Blue Shield.

In other business the board heard reports from:

Parks & Recreation-Nancy Bundy who requested two ordinances for July. The first is to block off 8th and 9th streets on July 3rd from 12pm to 11pm for the Oquawka tractor pull. Those same roads will also be blocked off on July 4th from 8am to 4pm for the cook-off.

All trustees were present with the exception of Troy Jern.

The next meeting of the board will be June 1st at 7:00 p.m. at the Village Hall on Schuyler Street. Meetings are open to the public.

Newly elected Leo Kuberski, and re-elected Scott Ray and Robert Eldridge are being handed information by Mayor Sandra Fullerton-Moody at swearing in as Oquawka Village Trustees.